This Etsy Shop Has The Cutest Mother's Day Cards & Will Even Mail Them For You

Thanks to social distancing, Mother's Day may look a little different this year, but you can still help your mom feel extra special without leaving the house. Destinee Creates Stuff will design, print, write in, and mail your mom a personalized card for Mother's Day, so you never have to step foot inside of a store or a post office.

Card designs for Mother's Day range from simple and sweet to fun, funky, and most of all, incredibly relatable. These are exactly the type of cards that say to your beloved mama, "Hi, I couldn't make a trip to CVS, but here is a card that is 100% more perfect than any generic store-bought card imaginable."

One especially incredible option is a Golden Girls-themed card with an illustration of Dorthy on the front with the tagline "Ma!" in bright pink lettering that says, "Thank you for being a friend" on the inside. This card is absolutely brilliant for anyone whose mom is a fan of the show.

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Additional card designs feature sayings like "I get it from my Mama" and "Wow Mom" in stylish print with beautiful, bright colors. The front of one card even boasts an entire sentence about the tragedy of forgetting to take chicken out of the freezer to thaw — something so many moms can absolutely relate to and so many children can say they definitely forgot to do.

There is even a card that says "You're like a Mama to me" that is perfect for mother-like figures like mother-in-laws, aunts, grandmothers, or any other mom-type role models in your life. Cards that express that exact sentiment are sometimes hard to come by, but Destinee Creates Stuff nails it.

With health and safety on the forefront of everyone's minds, the Atlanta-based artist offers to not only create a custom card for your mom right in her home, but will go the extra mile to write a message from you inside and mail the card directly to its intended recipient if desired. This should drastically reduce the transmission of germs that would have to happen for you to purchase a card at the store and mail it yourself.

Think about it — store-bought cards are made somewhere else and packed up by an employee wherever they're made. Then, they're shipped to the store and unpacked there, so they've been two places and come into contact with multiple people already before you even get your (potentially germy) hands on one. Then, if you don't already have a stamp, you would have to purchase and handle those before the card can be mailed. Purchasing a Destinee Creates Stuff card cuts all of those steps out.

Here's how it works: Select the card you wish to order, add it to your cart, and include whatever you want written inside of the card in the box labeled "Special Instructions For Seller" when you check out. Be sure to include your mom's address in the "ship to" box on the shipping page and select the "I Mail Your Card For You" option. You'll be charged an additional 55 cents for the card to be mailed for you — which is an absolute steal to avoid heading to the store and post office.

The site's instructions state that should you wish to have multiple cards mailed, you should purchase each card individually to ensure the correct card with the intended message ends up in the right place. Cards are mailed with a regular First Class USPS stamp, and do not include a tracking number, so the seller cannot be responsible for the card once it's put in the mail. However, this is no more of a risk than if you were mailing a card yourself with just a stamp.

If you would rather write your own message inside of the card and mail it yourself, you also have the option to have the card shipped directly to you instead of your mom. But, having Destinee Creates Stuff create, write in, and mail your card can not only help reduce exposure to germs, it can save you time and your mom ends up with a card that's even better than one you would have found at the store.

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