Literally *Everyone* Deserves These Mr. Rogers' Notes Of Encouragement In Their Lunch

When it comes to motherhood, the things that are most important to me sound so insignificant to anyone else. I want my girls to remember the wagon rides and how I pulled them through the overgrown bushes by our fence for an adventure. I want them to remember when we left tiny cotton ball pillows out for the fairies we swore were in our yard, and I want them to remember the tiny ways I made their school lunches special. Sandwiches cut into stars and cupcake wrappers for grapes are sweet enough, but Mr. Rogers encouragement lunch notes are really going to send my packed lunch game into overdrive.

To be honest, these sweet notes featuring everyone's favorite neighbor would be great for anyone — not just your kids. From Always Fits, the lunch notes come in a 20-pack book so you can tear out each individual note to drop into a lunch box. There are inspirational quotes on the front of each from Mr. Rogers of course, and the back is blank so you can get motivated to leave your own message. They're also ridiculously cute and brightly colored and oh, you just can't go wrong with some Mr. Rogers action throughout the day, can you? (Plus, they're only $7.50.)

"You don't have to be anything more than who you are right now." Ugh, sob. I feel like I just need these wallpapered above my desk.

Mr. Rogers is having a ~moment~ here lately, and literally no one deserves it more. From the memes featuring his quote about looking for the helpers that's shared every time there's a tragedy (I mean, as much as I love Mr. Rogers, it's shared way too frequently to be fun anymore) to the YouTube clips that pop up of him fighting for PBS funding in the '60s, Mr. Rogers has weaved his way into our current society with his special brand of love, kindness, and friendship.

Won't You Be My Neighbor? was also the documentary released in June 2018 that took a deeper look at Mr. Fred Rogers and his life and legacy. People everywhere gobbled up the doc, noting how he seemed to speak directly to children instead of over them. Some of the compelling clips include talking about death after Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, reported CNN, as well as speaking to children with disabilities and reminding them that they are special, capable, and loved. His brand of kindness is one the world needs more of right now, and his ideas about love and civility? Well, I know a certain man in the White House who should take a few heaping doses of that. (Maybe I'll send him a lunch note.)

My 4-year-old daughter has loved Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood since she was a baby, which is the current PBS cartoon based on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. In it, Daniel and his friends teach each other the same life lessons Mr. Rogers worked so hard to ideate — and these lunch notes will do the same. Whether you pack them for your kids or save them for your own pick-me-up, just remember that Mr. Rogers likes you just as you are. And he'll always be around to remind you.