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Jessica Simpson & Daughter Maxwell Twinning It Up In Floral Shades Is So Cute

She's been mom-shamed more times and ways than I personally can count, but, just for today, spring is here and this star is actually getting some positive feedback. Hey, let's count our blessings, right? These photos of Jessica Simpson and daughter Maxwell Drew show how alike they really are. Let's celebrate the fact that the internet is being nice to someone for once.

As People reported, the designer, singer, actress and reality star, welcomed her third baby, daughter Birdie Mae, on March 19. And while admitting to newborn exhaustion to the magazine, the star is clearly still taking the time to bond with her bigger kids.

Her recent social media depicts her big girl Maxwell Drew, who turns 7 on May 1, in a similar shoot to a recent one of Simpson.

In the two shots, shared to Simpson's Instagram, both gals are wearing oversized sunglasses decorated with flowers and doing a similar lip-pursing, sassy selfie pose.

“Like Mother, Like Daughter 🌼 #MAXIDREW,” Simpson wrote on her social media, using Maxwell's nickname, Maxi. (Meanwhile, accompanying Simpson's own photo was the caption, Dolce Daisies," seemingly referencing her shades' designer brand.)

Fans loved these two adorable shots: "She is your mini!," posted one admirer, while another added, "Omg. Did a double take." "She’s your little clone," agreed a third.

Wow, these two really do look alike, from hair color to nose shape to their pucker. Maybe the resemblance is amplified, though, because little Maxi seems to have Simpson's sense of humor about life? A certain zest you can't fake?

I've noticed that oldest kids often really do seem to look like or act like their parents (not a scientific study, guys, just looking around the schoolyard). Similar snaps of Serena Williams and daughter Olympia twinning it up make me wonder if this is a new trend... the mom-daughter social media selfie series)?

Random theories aside however, Simpson is smart to realize when you have a new baby, it's really important to take a second to put some attention on the beloved kids who came before.

"Three is challenging," Simpson told People, per Motherly. "We are trying to get into the groove and make sure all three kids are getting equal attention … it's more than a full-time job right now."

After all, the star also shares Ace, 5, with hubby Eric Johnson, as Us Weekly noted, so right now must be a really challenging (and sleep-deprived) time at her house. (Motherly noted recent findings that moms of three kids are way more stressed than moms of two, so maybe if Simpson reads this, she can take some comfort. This too shall pass.)

Simpson has been open about how much she loves having a daughter who shares her interest in fashion and makeup, telling People in 2016 that Maxwell "teaches me a lot about outfits, and she is better at putting outfits together than me."

Simpson noted she's keeping all of her past costumes, prom dresses and just about everything else in a warehouse for Maxwell to peruse one day, assuming her interest in such stuff continues.

And here's a thought: the star's Jessica Simpson line of clothing, shoes and handbags might be the perfect fit for her daughter to run one day! Hey, Kylie Jenner's Stormi shouldn't be the only mini-mogul potentially taking over an empire.