With These Plush 'Hocus Pocus' Toys, You *Can* Snuggle A Sanderson Sister (& Binx!)

Our home is basically overflowing with plush Disney characters. We literally do not need another stuffed Simba or Forky in our house, probably ever. However, in the spirit of making this year's Halloween season the best one yet, I will be making an exception for these plush Hocus Pocus toys — because there is arguably no trio more central to the Halloween season than the Sanderson Sisters.

Disney knows that the Sanderson Sisters are nothing without one another, so they've brought each one to life in plush form, available for purchase online at ShopDisney for $17 each. The plush figures measure 12.5 inches tall and are made from soft poly material. They're the perfect size for snuggling while you watch the classic film together as a family.

Let's be honest here, it will probably be me playing with these plush characters more than my kids. I'm going to arrange them in a calming circle, have them recite spells, and basically go amuck (Amuck! Amuck!) dancing and singing along with them during our yearly viewing of the movie.

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Mary's crooked smile and wide, sparkling eyes are integral to her silly, sometimes aloof demeanor. She may mistake a candy bar for a man's finger covered in chocolate, but there is no doubt that this Sanderson Sister is just as charming as the others. In doll form, her twisted hairstyle and pointy shoes help make this Mary Sanderson plush the spitting image of her on-screen counterpart.

She may not be able to belt out I Put A Spell On You like the iconic Bette Midler, but you can still crank up the classic tune and make this Winifred plush dance 'til she’s dead. Or, if you get the plush versions of the other sisters, you can have the best back-up singers and dancers around to help you cast your spells via song. Complete with Winifred’s puckered smooch lips and mass of red curls piled on her head, this plush doll is Winifred through and through.

Just how Sarah Jessica Parker manages to still look stylish as a witchy sister with intense red lips and even more intense eye makeup, I will never quite understand. (It's probably her stunning green eyes. This doll makes them look even more enchanting, if that's possible.) But, even Carrie Bradshaw would approve of Sarah Sanderson's colorful corseted bustier and layered skirt look, I just know it. From her signature bleach blonde locks to the unforgettable beauty mark on her chin, the plush version of Sarah is on point.

The folks over at Disney didn't forget about the bewitchingly adorable cat, Binx. From his shiny witch hat with orange trim (That has to be Dani's, right?) to his coffin-shaped collar and big yellow eyes, the details on this plush are just too cute. This 15-inch plush may not have all of the bravado that the boy-turned-cat Thackery Binx does in the movie, but he sure does look cuddly nonetheless.

However you celebrate the Halloween season, this classic cast of characters in plush form can help. Just don't let them get too close to your kiddos and be sure to hide your spell books. They can smell children, you know.