You Don't Know What To Think About Bridal Crocs — Good Thing The Ppl Of Twitter Do

When it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams, Etsy is an incredible resource. No matter how obscure the item you're looking to get your hands may be, someone on Etsy is probably selling it. If you need any more proof that the site has truly got it all, let this sink in: Sequined bridal Crocs are up for sale.

Yes, you read that right. You won't find this particular pair of rubber shoes in stores, however. Etsy seller Princess Pumps decorates the bridal Crocs ($115, Etsy) with hundreds of crystal sequins for a wedding-appropriate touch of bling. They also come in eight colors if you want to match your footwear to your reception decor.

I can't say Crocs are a style favorite for me, but there are plenty of people who are absolutely devoted to them. Fast Company noted that they're incredibly comfortable, if not exactly the height of fashion. I can definitely understand why a bride would want the comfiest footwear possible on her big day. Between that long walk down the aisle, buzzing around taking pictures and greeting guests, and then hours of busting moves on the dance floor, your feet are usually absolutely howling long before the night is even over. I myself was ready to kick off my beautiful yet tortuously uncomfortable designer heels a couple of hours into my reception (honestly, it might have even been minutes into it), and I was hobbling a bit with blisters for a couple of days afterward.

Comfort aside, for some people on Twitter, the bridal Crocs are still very much a hard pass.

Others, though, are totally here for wedding Crocs, and ready to walk down the aisle on the happiest feet ever.

While I couldn't find any reviews on Etsy from brides who actually bought the Crocs, the seller did get lots of positive feedback from buyers who loved their purchases and appreciated the prompt customer service. If bridal Crocs just aren't your thing, though, Princess Pumps also offers sequined Keds, Converse Chucks, ballet flats, and more.

If, somehow, you're in that category of people who's down with the idea of wedding crocs but can't abide sequins (in which case I commend you for having the world's most specific and unique fashion sense), you've also got some options. There are, apparently, high-heeled Crocs ($45), floral Crocs ($45), and some surprisingly stylish sandal Crocs ($35) on the brand's website. Oh, and one must not forget fanny pack Crocs.

With wedding season now in full swing for the next few months, I can't help but wonder how many brides we'll see strutting down the aisle or hitting the dance floor in these sequin-covered shoes. If catching a glimpse of these jaw-dropping shoes has you rethinking your own wedding day wardrobe, it typically takes between two to three weeks for a pair to arrive once you've ordered them. The seller can accommodate rush orders, too, though, so you can get your hands on them sooner if you absolutely have to say "I do" in these shoes.