Prime Day Has Major Slow Cooker Deals, Including $80 Off The Instant Pot Slow Cooker

If fall’s got you in the mood for stew, or you’ve been dreaming of simmering chili all day, then Amazon Prime Day (which is actually two days, Oct. 13 and Oct. 14) could be the time to invest in new kitchen tools. You won’t want to miss the Amazon Prime Day 2020 slow cooker deals, which will save you a ton. And not only will you save money, you’ll save the time usually spent prepping dinner.

If you’ve used a slow cooker before, you already know how great it is to throw in your ingredients, turn on the appliance, and return hours later to a dinner that's hot and ready. But, if you’re wary about yet another thing on your countertop, remember that many of the options on this list, in addition to functioning as a crockpot, also make cakes, rice, eggs, and even yogurt, plus they’ll steam, roast, and one even does sous vide (that’s cooking in a vacuum-sealed bag, which is way more delicious than it sounds).

So stock up on some slow cooker recipes, and read on for the best Prime Day 2020 slow cooker deals.

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A Slow Cooker With Sous Vide

This 8-quart programmable slow cooker is a major steal for Prime Day (it's actually currently less expensive than the 6-quart option by the same brand). In addition to slow cooking, you can use the appliance to bake, steam, roast, and even sous vide, plus there's an option of a 24-hour delay start, so you can prep all the ingredients in advance and not have to think about dinner the next day.


A Buffet Dual Heater

Ideal for entertaining or nights where no one can agree on dinner, each cooker has their own separate controls, so you can cook one side on high while the other side warms. The ceramic inner pots pop out, too, so it's easy to clean, plus the glass tops make it easy to peek in and see how your food's cooking.


A 10-In-1 Appliance

This 6-quart slow cooker is 20% off right now, and it's made with quality materials so it won't fall apart. It includes an extra silicone gasket, ladle, and measuring cup, plus a steamer basket so you can cook two dishes at once. With set times for certain dishes programmed in, it takes the guesswork out of cooking oatmeal, soup, poultry, chilli, rice, and more, but you can also input your own times manually.


A Bestseller

This bestselling slow cooker does it all (well, almost). In addition to slow cooking, it works as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, and can be used for sauteéing, searing, steaming, or warming. It's energy efficient, and includes newer features like altitude adjustment, so you don't have to guess how long your food should be cooking based on how high up you live. It's also available in 6 or 8 quarts, but only the smallest 3-quart (which is great for travel or making sides) is on sale right now.


A Slow Cooker That Can Go In The Oven

360 Cookware is known for their professional-grade cookware that will last a lifetime. This slow cooker is oven-safe up to 500 degrees, which means you can start something off in the slow cooker and finish it in the oven for some added char or a layer of melted cheese.