When Life Gets Hard, Let's Just Add More Tiny Animal-Themed Succulent Pots

These days, we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up in the form of some cute and fun home decor. Even better if that decor can also house a plant that is ridiculously easy to keep alive. Enter these adorable miniature succulent pots by Peyan featuring woodland creatures, farm animals, and an array of creative critters guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

If your thumb is blacker than the night sky and you're as terrible as I am at keeping house plants alive, these tiny pots are perfectly-sized for succulents and miniature cactus plants. A succulent is pretty much the only type of botanical I can keep at home without said plant suffering an untimely death and turning a cute planter into a paperweight. (Which would be an absolute travesty considering how freaking cute these are.) Although these particular pots don't come with plants included, you can usually find succulents at your local home and garden stores and even some grocery stores.

Can we talk for just a minute about why there aren't more home decor items that feature hedgehogs? I mean sure, they're not the cuddliest animals ever, but this one sitting in a rowboat with his little snail friend, wearing his overalls and sun hat just looks so sweet. And if you prefer your hedgehog to post up against a tree stump and leisurely read a book with an apple propped up on top of his head (for snacking, obvs) or sport a bright yellow birthday hat, there's a planter for that, too. Let's all make hedgehogs the new unicorn of the home decor world, OK? OK.

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Each of these succulent planters is made from resin and features drainage holes on the bottom. (For all of you non-houseplant-having-people out there, this is key to keeping your succulents, well... succulent.) While the different planters vary in measurement, they're all no more than just a few inches tall. They would make an adorable addition to your desk, a window sill, a shelf, bathroom counter, or any other space where you want to see one of these adorable animal planters on a regular basis.

With so many freakishly cute creatures to choose from, you really can't go wrong. Doesn't the hippo planter just looks like he wants to reach out an give you a hug with his itty bitty t-rex arms?

If a stately fox, a brazen brown bear winking right at you, an elephant decked out in gorgeous headwear, or a curious raccoon is more your speed, there are miniature succulent pots featuring all forms of adorable animals to choose from.

Plus, if you've been searching high and low for the perfect gift for your mother-in-law's birthday or a back-to-school present for your kiddo's new teacher, I'm more than sure that they would be tickled pink to receive one of these pig planters from the assortment of styles available to order. Whether you buy one of these succulent planters for yourself or want to get one to give as a gift, you can order these tiny critter pots straight from Amazon and have them sent right to your doorstep.

The best part about these miniature succulent pots is that there is literally a different type of animal to suit any design style or decor taste. From a lion wearing a crown, a baby bunny with a carrot on his head, a flying elephant who looks like his tiny wings could barely get him off the ground, and even dog-shaped planter that looks just like one of the Queen's corgi's, the options are endlessly adorable.