Fans Are Still Unsure About Amber & Matt's Future On 'MAFS'

The couples who sign up for Married At First Sight are ready to marry a stranger. But they've also opened up their lives for public scrutiny on social media. Twitter definitely has opinions on the marriages, and the more drama the couple faces, the more invested fans are. Tweets about Amber and Matt on Married At First Sight prove that fans have a lot of opinions about their wedding and the conflict that might be coming in their marriage.

Two aspects of Matt and Amber's wedding stood out to me and other fans on social media. First and foremost, Amber could not stop kissing Matt and though I believe he was attracted to her, he was definitely not as comfortable with showing affection as she was. He clarified his feelings on Amber's forwardness for Reality TV With Bee. "I don’t mind physical affection, but I don’t like to do it in public. Also, we had just met. It was a bit much for me at first, but she had just met me and didn’t know I’m not into PDA." It's actually quite impressive how quickly Matt adapts to Amber's advances. But that doesn't make the moment any less awkward.

But Matt had more than one awkward moment at the wedding. He was very clear with the show that he didn't invite his family to the wedding saying, “My family has no idea I’m about to get married to a stranger … no clue." Whatever the reason for that, he never expected it. “Growing up, I never would have imagined that my family, my parents especially, wouldn’t be there the day I got married because we were very close.”

Yet, at his wedding reception, the deejay announced a mother/son dance. I immediately had a feeling that the show purposefully forgot to provide this information for the sake of drama. I felt bad for Matt, but wasn't surprised that it happened. Other people on Twitter were a tad angrier.

It wasn't a great look. But luckily, Amber's mom swooped in to save the day by offering to dance with her new son-in-law, surprising even Amber. It was a very classy moment and produced all kinds of "awwws" from the audience and the good people of Twitter.

Though the wedding appears to have ended a success (awkward moments notwithstanding, previews of what's to come imply that Matt and Amber have a lot of other issues to work through besides overenthusiastic PDA and uncomfortable dance moments.

In one scene, one of Amber's friends tells her that he saw Matt out with another girl. She's going to be upset — naturally. And Twitter has opinions on the future of their relationship. Some are empathetic and some are just waiting for the drama.

They definitely have challenges ahead of them, but fans won't know the details until it all goes down on screen. In my opinion, they both deserve the forever they signed up for — as of now. But if it turns out the rumors are true, I might suggest Amber start moving Matt's boxes to the left.