Twitter Is Totally Losing It Over Chip & Joanna Gaines' New Target Line

The first Sunday in November was a big day. Not only did parents have to suffer through the horrors of Daylight Saving Time (also known as just a whole lot more morning for people with toddlers afoot), but Sunday marked a momentous occasion. I'm going to tell you this as if you didn't already know, but the new Hearth and Hand line was released on Sunday. And these tweets about Chip and Joanna Gaines' new Target collection offer unquestionable proof that the Fixer Upper couple is going to be in our hearts (and homes) forever and ever.

Now that fans know Fixer Upper just finished shooting its last season ever for HGTV, it's possible the desperation to get their hands on some household items designed by the adorable Gaines couple hit a fever pitch. Or maybe not. I mean, the Waco-based couple behind the Magnolia Market managed to design some pretty gorgeous stuff for reasonable prices; most items can be purchased for under $20. Oh, I also hear that people love shopping at Target, so perhaps the marriage of the two brands didn't hurt the situation. Either way, fans were apparently counting down the hours until stores opened or they could shop for the Hearth and Hand items online. Because the shiplap love is real, and who couldn't use a little of Joanna Gaines' unique blend of modern, rustic, and super comfortable-looking furniture?

According to these tweets, there is no escaping the pull of the Hearth and Hand obsession.

Counting Down The Clock

In the hours before Target opened, fans were seen lining up at different Target outlets across the country. Even Chip Gaines, apparently, who posted a picture of himself waiting at a Target entrance in a tent on Instagram with the caption:

Being first in line for the launch of Hearth and Hand with Magnolia is about to pay off big time. Only 10 more minutes..

Chip wasn't the only one adjusting his Sunday morning routine for the Target line.

Midnight Madness

Not everyone wanted to wait for the physical stores to open, and decided to spend a rocking Saturday night chained to their laptops, waiting for midnight to hit so they could go online to order themselves a little Hearth and Hand happiness.

Decisions, Decisions

While the Hearth and Hand line of kitchen and living room decor, holiday items, and even pet and clothing items is very reasonably priced, the reality is people wanted basically everything. In the hours after the grand reveal, people were having to make some serious decisions: food, rent, or Hearth and Hand?

Their choice was clear.

Falling In Love

Now that the Hearth and Hand line has officially arrived, are fans disappointed?

Give me a break, you know the answer to that question. Everyone is loving it, because Chip and Joanna Gaines would never let us down, guys. Never.

It was clearly an emotional time for Fixer Upper fans, who aren't quite sure what they're going to do with themselves in the future once Season 5 has ended.

Fortunately, fans will have some pretty gorgeous home decor items to keep them happy, if they're lucky.

When Joanna set about the task of designing items for Hearth and Hand for Target, she wrote on the website:

I love everything about this collection and truly believe it embodies the spirit of Magnolia.

And I will now speak for every fan of hers out there who is probably trying to strong arm a Christmas wreath out of the hands of a fellow shopper at this very minute; same here, Joanna, same here.

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