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Twitter Loves Demi From 'The Bachelor'

After 23 seasons, The Bachelor is somehow still finding ways to stage new conversations. This week, 23-year-old Demi got the emotional news that her mother was being released from federal prison while on a group trip to Singapore. She's the first contestant ever to open up about having an incarcerated parent and these tweets about Demi on The Bachelor prove that she has the audience on her side.

Though viewers first learned about Demi's mom in the season premiere, she had yet to reveal the information to Colton, which is understandable; it isn't exactly a first cocktail party conversation and Demi hasn't had a one-on-one date yet. But, never one to shy away from stealing Colton, she finally brought him up to speed on what was happening with her mom during one of their private moments on a group date. Demi explained that even though her mom had done "messed up" things (in the season premiere, we learned she was sentenced on embezzlement charges), her mom loved her and, for that, Demi loved her mom unconditionally.

"Having to see someone you love so much be stuck in a place where they don't want to be, and going through all of that stuff — you just want to take them out of it," Demi said.

Colton quickly swooped in with reassurances that he didn't judge Demi at all for her circumstances.

"You've been able to turn what most people wouldn't be able to turn into a positive or optimistic situation, so it takes a pretty special person to be able to do that," Colton said.

Unfortunately, despite deepening their relationship in Singapore, Demi also battled becoming the house villain after a rough feud with Courtney. They were both on the aforementioned group date, where Courtney struggled to find the courage and motivation to go talk to Colton. She wanted him to come pull her, which, as most Bachelor fans know, is just not how it works. Demi tried to encourage Courtney but she just couldn't make a move. So, Demi used the situation to her advantage and went to talk to Colton a second time.

She pulled him aside again to let him know how much she appreciated his reaction to her news about her mom and Colton reciprocated, telling her, "It shows me that you don't turn your back on family."

Needless to say, Courtney didn't appreciate that, and pulled Demi aside for a pretty hostile conversation. Even though Courtney was obviously struggling with the process, she ultimately just made herself look way worse, and Twitter noticed. They were pretty unequivocally on Demi's side, warts and all.

In a cutaway interview after talking to Colton, Demi said, "It feels really good to get that off my chest. After having that serious a conversation and just seeing how endearing he was, I know he has feelings for me and I know that he cares about me, and so it feels really good."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Courtney went home at this week's rose ceremony.