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Tweets About Luann De Lesseps On 'Real Housewives Of New York' Prove She's A Gem

Luann de Lesseps, like most of the OG Housewives, has undergone quite a personal transformation from the snobby etiquette diva fans met back in 2008 to the mugshot-boasting, DGAF cabaret star they see now. And tweets about Luann de Lesseps prove that the RHONY mainstay is still a gem — well, except for that whole blackface thing.

From enduring a divorce on camera to a longterm relationship with, as one person put it, "French Ross Geller," Luann has come a long way in her romantic life, too. Her brief relationship, engagement, and marriage to Tom D'Agostino flamed out in spectacular fashion, all in the course of just one season. And her tenure as Sonja Morgan's roommate was one of the highlights of the past 11 seasons. Personally, I like Luann best when she bucks monogamy in favor of having a few different Upper East Siders in her rotation — particularly when they also have history with the other Housewives. The camaraderie of, for example, Harry Dubin's exes is among the show's warmest depictions of female friendship.

And while Luann's struggle with alcoholism is obviously a serious matter, the Real Housewife strikes an appropriate balance of humor and mortification about her literal and metaphorical stumbles, giving Twitter tacit permission to keep teasing her about the iconic moment she fell into some rose bushes.

In fact, Luann has been back in the press recently over a probation violation, which forces the RHONY star to reappear in West Palm Beach court. According to Page Six, Luann's probation officer worried that she wasn't taking her year-long probation seriously in May, when she admitted to drinking "two glasses of mimosas after a performance she had in Chicago." Her co-stars have long questioned the wisdom of trying to balance newfound sobriety with touring a cabaret show, and it seems like nightlife might be taking its toll on Luann.

After violating her probation, Luann was reportedly offered a chance to check herself into outpatient treatment, but she declined because of her tour schedule. She also refused to wear an alcohol ankle monitor because it was "too intrusive," according to court documents obtained by Page Six.

She'll have the opportunity to clear things up in a probation violation hearing in West Palm Beach on May 23. Luann told Page Six in a statement, "I am looking forward to my day in court to present evidence clarifying these allegations."

On the bright side, Luann's children Victoria and Noel, have dropped the case they filed against their mother last year over the sale of her Hamptons home. The case prompted Luann's last stint in an in-patient rehab facility, her second after being arrested in West Palm Beach over New Year's.

However, it also seems like her castmates are beginning to turn on her as Season 11 of RHONY unfolds. Although they were super supportive of Luann earlier in her struggles, it would appear that the Housewives, and Bethenny in particular, are starting to feel the strain of Luann's constant demands for special treatment. Luann might not be ready for the world to stop revolving around her, but her cast definitely is.