These Valentine's Day 2019 Gifts For Her On Amazon Prime Will Make People Wonder *Where* You Found That, OMG


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and that stresses out pretty much everyone in a relationship. What's the big plan? What's the appropriate gift? Thankfully, we all carry around a gigantic and convenient shopping mall right in our pocket, and it's open 24/7: The Amazon Prime app. There's no need to fret and worry about what to get your significant other, because the best Valentine's Day gifts for her on Amazon Prime are much more unique and thoughtful than you'd expect of presents coming from a retail giant.

I hate shopping. It's a full-on sensory overload of glaring displays and intrusive staff as I wander through the aisles. Before long a crippling sense of indecision takes over my entire body. Not the best state of mind to be in when making purchases. Somehow, the serenely detached shopping experience of Amazon Prime is more comfortable for me. I don't need to talk to the cashier, and no one is judging me for what I'm buying. Also, the returns could not be more straight-forward in the event my gift misses the mark.

However, I will admit I'm a pretty spectacular gift-giver, and the gifts I found on Amazon Prime will win you some serious brownie points if you buy them for your partner. But at the very least, please make sure to choose the gift wrap option at check out if you live together. Keep the mystery and all.

1A Delicate Necklace

Dandelion Seed Wish Necklace



A sterling silver necklace with a real dandelion seed trapped inside glass.

This necklace is both jewelry and a wish. Do you remember making wishes on dandelion seeds, blowing across the cottony blossoms in the spring? Now those seeds are kept close to the heart by way of this lovely sterling silver and glass necklace.

2Bath Bombs A Plenty

Bath Bomb Set



Handmade in California with natural ingredients, these 12 bath bombs are fun, fizzy, and super colorful (but they won't stain the tub!).

Bath bombs are the bomb, but they can get kinda messy (and they can be kinda expensive). This kit has 12 full-sized bath bombs for under $30, made with Shea butter and natural botanicals. That's a steal.

4Cereal Marshmallows

Anthony's Cereal Marshmallows



Two pounds of the best stuff from all your favorite sugary kids' cereals.

This is an amazing gift that anyone with any sense of nostalgia would love. Also, who on earth would buy two pounds of cereal marshmallows for themselves?


Toss them on your coffee, cocoa, or oatmeal, or just eat them by the handful. They're what we all need right now.

5A Better Cocktail

Strongwater Orange Bitters



Delicious orange cocktail bitters from legendary apothecary Strongwater. With a unique blend of distinctive herbs, barks, and roots, orange bitters are a sophisticated way of adding citrus essence to your favorite cocktail.

A great cocktail is a beautiful thing. A crappy cocktail is just your own sadness mirrored in your beverage choice, looking at you from cut crystal. Don't let that happen to your loved one. These craft bitters from Strongwater add just the right pep to your mixed drinks, giving them a topnote of orange and bitter herbs.

6Art Upgrade


There are tons of beautiful fine art pieces available on Amazon Prime, like this one titled "Intimacy on Display," ($30, Amazon). They range in price from $15 to roughly the cost of a mid-sized home in a Midwestern city. I suggest a nice print and gorgeous frame in a price point affordable for you.

7A High-End Throw

Merino Wool Throw


Spencer & Whitney

This 100 percent Australian Merino wool throw is soft and lightweight but incredibly warm, with a classic solid color and tassel design.

This is a gorgeous, soft, luxurious throw blanket or wrap that is as warm as it is light. Imagine cozying up with this late at night, or as you run errands. It's a real show-stopper of a gift.

8Sustainable Sparkle

One carat lab-grown diamond studs


Grown Brilliance

Ethically sound, lab-grown diamonds set in 14k white gold. Sustainable diamonds of superior quality.

You might not think of Amazon as a fine jeweler, but... well, why not? These diamond studs have all the sparkle and beauty of naturally occurring diamonds, with none of the ethical implications. It's a win/win.

9All The Good Hair Days

One Step Hair Straightening Brush




This hair-straightening brush comes with duo-detangling bristles to get close to the roots while still protecting the hair from over-styling damage.

This Revlon tool is a life-changer. It detangles as it straightens, and makes the hair silky smooth and oh so shiny. It could not be simpler.