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These Valentine's Day Gifts For Mom On Amazon Prime Make Lazy Shoppers Look Good

Valentine's Day is such a weird holiday. Unlike Christmas, or even Mother's Day, there are no set parameters as to what is or is not appropriate. When I think about what I want to receive for Valentine's Day, most times, I draw a blank. Candy? Flowers? No, those are all overdone. But I have gifts to give and gifts to get, so I need to think outside the box. Not too far, though, because I am an essentially lazy creature, and I love my Prime membership. So I found the best Valentine's gifts for mom on Amazon Prime, because that's just how I roll.

Amazon Prime members total in the millions, so I know I'm not alone in my addiction to one-click. It just makes everything so simple. I don't even have to wrap the gift if I don't want to, because they'll do it for me. Valentine's Day is such a consumer holiday that buying something from one of the world's largest retailers just seems to fit.

With Amazon's recent expansion into the types of fresh goods and handmade gifts you'd find in smaller shops around the country, it's not too difficult to find unique items on Prime that are perfect to give to your own mom, or for your kids to "give" you. And of course, if she's in the market for a new top-of-the-line appliance or means of entertainment, Prime's got you covered there, too. The point is, you'll have no trouble finding something that will make your mom think you put tons of time and effort into finding. (Well, you would have. But you didn't have to, thanks to Prime.)


One-Of-A-Kind Honey

Give this to her along with a lock and key for safekeeping, because this stuff is one of the most amazing things I've ever tasted. I sampled it at a fancy foods show, and I wanted to buy every case the honey dude had to sell. It's spendy for honey, but it's absolutely worth it.


Pretty But Practical Plant

This isn't roses, and it won't die. I have about a dozen or more plants, and this one is one of my favorites. If you have cats, make sure this one is where they can't get to it, or coat it in bitter apple. It will grow lush and thick.


The Gift Of Words

This gift would make me happier than almost any other, and I know many a mom who would also be ridiculously pumped to get it. Moms are the best multitaskers out there, so sending them audiobooks, or Audible credits, is a fantastic way to acknowledge that they are supremely gifted in this arena. (Memberships start at $15 for one month.)


French Soap


A Sturdy Backpack

This is the best backpack you'll ever own. Mine has lasted an age, and I am not gentle on my bags. It will take a beating, go through the wash, and come out even more gorgeous for it.


A Mixtape

Remember burning CDs for your boyfriend or BFF in high school? Gifting a playlist is the new mixtape, and it's easy to do with Amazon Prime: Membership comes with access to 50 million songs (literally). Plus, it takes time to put together, and shows that you cared enough to curate something personalized.


Fancy Coffee

Perfect for moms: Coffee so strong that the drinker will have enough pep in their step that they'll be floating on air — or at least they'll feel like they are. Worth the price.


A Great Blender

This blender will puree anything. If you wanted to blend a shoe, this one could do it. It's also really great for soups, ice, and smoothies.