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These Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts For Mom Will Make Her Get All Emotional

Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away, and smart shoppers are already on the hunt for the perfect tokens of affection while there's still plenty of time. (I just hit the Dollar Tree for craft supplies for my pre-K class; that stuff sells out fast.) Tops on the shopping list for many of us are our mothers, who deserve all the love we can give. Happily, there are unique Valentine's Day gifts for moms that go beyond the typical drugstore-shelf finds.

Not that there's anything wrong with gifting Mom a bouquet of flowers or a box of Godiva. (Chocolate is almost never the wrong answer to anything.) But going with something different from the norm can make the holiday more meaningful for both of you, particularly if your relationship has recently been tested or strengthened. Maybe you've weathered a difficult time together (an illness, a divorce) or celebrated something special (your wedding, a baby), and want to show your appreciation in a special way this year. Or perhaps you just want to give her a keepsake that will last longer than the average rosebud.

One of the Valentine's ideas below might be just the thing you're looking for, or maybe it'll give you inspiration for a different gift. Either way, you know your mother will be pleased with whatever you give her. (She probably still has your macaroni necklace from kindergarten.)