These Valentine's Day Gifts Will Totally Bring Sexy Back To Postpartum Moms

Holidays like Valentine's Day tend to get swept under the rug in the days and weeks after a baby is born, and while it makes sense, it's also kind of sad. Sure, there's a lot going on with a newborn, but parents should try not to forget that they're also still partners. They're not just mutual caretakers of a tiny human, but lovers and friends. After giving birth, it's hard to feel anything approaching sexy, and someone taking the effort to make a mom feel desirable is huge. The 10 sexiest Valentine's Day gifts for postpartum moms are the ones that make a mom feel valued and wanted, even if she feels like an utter hot mess.

Right after a baby is born, pretty much the last thing on a new mom's mind is sex. In order of things they don't want to do, sex is second only to hosting a dinner party for 30 and inviting their mother-in-law as the guest of honor. That's why there needs to be particular attention given to those new mom emotions if you want to give them something sexy. Think beyond lingerie they might feel self-conscious in, or fancy dinners that take hours (even if you manage to find childcare, her boobs will start overflowing by dessert). Think more along the lines of romantic gestures that cater to the largest of erogenous zones... the brain.


A Healing Bath

Light some candles, pour her a generous glass of wine, get out your plushest bath rug, and draw her a bath. If she's only recently given birth, scoop in some healing sitz bath salts, which soothe and nourish the aching area of her body, according to

And take the baby to an area where she can't hear them cry.


Custom Blended Lotion

What better way to follow up a decadent bath than with a customized body lotion? Plus, now that she's a mom, she might be more choosy about the kinds of products she puts on her body. These custom lotions from are made without common allergens like soy, dairy, and gluten; they're also paraben, petrochemical and phthalate-free.


Next-Level Chocolates

These are some of my favorite chocolates in the whole world. They're confection perfection. A custom blended box from JoMart will have your partner moaning with delight. They even have an optional "Wanna fool around?" message you can choose. Personally, I would go with something like "I will allow you to eat all of these, alone, without having to hide them from our older children." So much sexier.


Her Favorite Kind Of Massage

Getting naked and having someone touch me is right up there with hosting a dinner party and getting freaky on the list of undesirable crap to do after having a baby. But if you massage my legs and feet, or better yet, get me a gift card to go get a leg and foot massage? I'd be in heaven. There's no nudity required, it's seriously relaxing, and it feels indulgent.


The Wine She's Been Wanting For Months

Nope, it's not unique at all, but it's a classic for a reason. Wine is luscious and sexy, and doggone it, no longer off the menu once the baby is born. Get her one of her favorite bottles. Decant it. Pour it into real crystal, and serve it while you watch the baby. Hand her the remote and leave her alone. (Or maybe she can drink it while she takes that aforementioned bath.)


A Sexy Monogram

This necklace is subtly sexy. It's an initial necklace, but not like one you've ever seen before. Beautiful bodies make up the monogram, lending an air of the forbidden. Pro-tip, use her initial (or your initial) on this one, as your child's initial would just be awkward.


Your Words In A Great Card

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous, romantic card in your whole life? I haven't. This handmade pop-up card is the perfect dramatic backdrop for your own words, or a poem that has meaning for you, or even a passage from a risque novel.


A Sturdy (But Sexy) Bracelet

New moms sometimes find that their more fragile pieces of jewelry don't hold up to curious little fingers. There's no way a baby could damage this cuff, but it's not clunky-looking in the least.


Pretty, Personalized Lip Color

Maybe she used to rock a red mouth, but it's been hard to maintain with a new baby. That's where Flower Balm comes in: Sort of like a mood ring for your lips, new moms will love how the personalized pink stain gives the perfect pop of color on days when they're feeling less than fab... not to mention the fact that it won't rub off on baby's head like most lip sticks/glosses/stains. (And the little flower is so cheerful!)


Beautiful Blooms

They say you can never go wrong with flowers, but that's not always the case (as you know if you've ever gotten a bunch of sad, saggy blossoms). This indulgent arrangement is undeniably sexy for a bouquet of flowers, and she'll love the scent of fresh roses filling the air.