This 2-Year-Old's Puppy Party Had Stuffed Animal Adoptions, A Dalmatian Cake & More

Kids parties are stressful to plan, but the smiles and memories from them always make it worth it in the end. You may spend hours toiling away, and sometimes significant amounts of money, trying to make everything perfect for your little one's special day. And while there are so many options to choose from when it comes to the theme, always remember you can never go wrong with puppies. Honestly, this 2-year-old's "puppy pawty" is so cute and so creative, I'm seriously considering stealing this theme for my next birthday party.

Chelsey Flint Events made one little boy's dreams come true with a puppy-themed party anyone would enjoy. Party Planner Chelsey Flint shared a little about the cute party on Facebook on Monday, revealing that it was all the birthday boy's mom's idea. And as Flint tells Romper, 2-year-old Levi "is obsessed with puppies," so the theme was a no-brainer.

As you can see in the photos Flint shared on Facebook, the birthday party featured real puppies for guests to cuddle with and pet, puppy-themed sweets, balloons, and an opportunity for kids to "adopt" some precious stuffed animal pets.

And this was no small party, either; Flint tells Romper roughly 40 or 50 people turned up for the celebration. Flint attributed the huge turn out to some old-fashioned word of mouth, telling Romper, "Levi's 4-year-old sister leaked the news about real puppies coming, so I think almost every person we invited showed up." I mean, who wouldn't want to attend?

Initially, Flint says she wasn't sure she "could pull off getting real puppies," but a little can-do attitude made Levi's dream a reality. Flint was able to secure five puppies for the birthday party, which is a whole lot of cuteness.

Courtesy of Chelsey Flint Events/ Facebook
Courtesy of Chelsey Flint Events/ Facebook
Courtesy of Chelsey Flint Events/ Facebook

Now, how did Flint manage to get five adorable puppies to the toddler's birthday bash? As she tells Romper, "I reached out to a friend who fosters and she knows I'm an event stylist in Oklahoma and pitched the ideas to her. I thought it'd be awesome if we could make Levi's party extra cute with real puppies while also hopefully bringing some awareness to Forever Yours Oklahoma City and hopefully getting some of these sweet puppies adopted."

The actually puppies were just one major selling point of this birthday bash. Flint shared photos of the sweets table, which was piled high with cupcakes. The main center piece of the table was a two-tier Dalmatian cake that almost looks too cute to eat.

Courtesy of Chelsey Flint Events/ Facebook

With such a theme in place, run of the mill goodie bags simply wouldn't do for this bash. Flint tells Romper she thought it would be that much more special if the kids got to adopt puppies — albeit stuffed animal ones — as they left the party. She even made up certificates to make it official. Guys, it doesn't get much cuter than that, really.

"I didn't want to do the generic 'candy in a bag' party favor so I thought it would be super cute for the kids to take home puppies. We even had certificates where the kids got to name their new puppy," she says.


Flint is no stranger to going above and beyond for her clients. In fact, you're probably unknowingly familiar with her work already.

Back in March, she famously put together the Target-themed party for a 6-year-old girl, which was basically the stuff my adult dreams are made of. The creative party featured a red-and-white theme, a shopping station for attendees, and a food table set up with a red bullseye cake and dog.

Flint also set up a Starbucks coffee station, which featured cupcakes in place of the coffee chain's usual whipped cream-topped drinks. Partygoers drew up their own name tags and sported red for the bash, which lasted a full two hours.

Between puppies and Target, kids parties don't have to be a cause of stress in your life. Especially if you've got Flint on your team to plan the ultimate bash.