This Working $30 Dyson Vacuum Is A Genius Way To Get Your Kids To Do Chores

For some reason unknown to parents, children love pretending to vacuum, sweep, and clean up. Perhaps it's in anticipation of all of the cleaning they'll inevitably try to get out of as they get older. Maybe they perceive the loud machine as some sort of cleaning wizardry. After all, if you didn't understand how it worked, you might think it was magic, too. You know what is positively magical? The new $30 kids' Dyson Ball Vacuum toy really works, so it's time that those kids start earning their keep. Or maybe they just have fun with it, whatever.

Toymaker Casdon came up with a safer, smaller, less-powerful version of the pricey Dyson vacuum for little kids to use in their pretend play. It's a fairly genius product that works with a low suctioning mechanism designed to only pick up the lightest objects, as per the manufacturer's description on Amazon. It doesn't work like a typical vacuum. There are no rolling brush heads underneath, as those would be very dangerous for little fingers that like to explore, but it does whir, and make the noises of a real vacuum. It also swirls tiny colored balls in its chamber like a real Dyson would with what it picks up.

At least I'm assuming that's what the real Dyson vacuums do. I cannot afford one of those, so maybe if I buy my little a toy Dyson I can finally feel fancy. Will I affect the accent of Sir James Dyson every time she uses it, and explain to her how it will never lose suction? You bet your sweet ass I will. Talk about a silver fox. He's got the accent and he cleans voluntarily. I bet Sir James Dyson never leaves his boxers hanging on the towel peg in the bathroom. I digress.

The $30 Dyson vacuum for kids is actually pretty amazing for a whole host of reasons — not just the opportunity to make your kids giggle when you imitate its creator. Psychology Today wrote that kids who learn through play, specifically pretend play, tend to perform better in school and social situations as they grow older. They noted that it's key for parents and children to maintain an open dialogue and play with each other, with the parent serving as a model. Vacuuming side-by-side seems like it might not be that big of a deal, but it's contributing to a whole new area of growth in your child's brain.

Also, this $30 Dyson vacuum for kids works for more than just pretend play, according to the reviews. More than one of the thousands of reviews on the toy noted that this vacuum decreased their autistic child's fear of the real vacuum. Being the mom of an autistic child, I know how hard it can be to help your child work through their sensory issues. My son covered his ears for so many different sounds all the way until he was in the third grade. While the vacuum was never his personal fear (he's always loved white noise) I know many autistic kids who struggle with the vacuum. I can understand how this diet version of the real thing could work like a sensory stepping stone for kids. It's not as big, it's not as loud, it's not as scary.

And let's be honest. It's not unattainably expensive for many parents. There's even a cheaper, $20 version available. So if your kids love "helping out" as much as mine did as little ones, this might be the perfect present this holiday season.

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