OK, Now There's A Baby Shark *Fingerling* That Sings The Song

Let's talk about "Baby Shark" for just a minute. I knew this song in elementary school, but for whatever reason, it's had what one might call a resurgence in the last few years. And by resurgence, I mean it's suddenly the early 1960s again and a group of mop-headed Brits are on The Ed Sullivan Show and pandemonium has hit. "Baby Shark" is more than just a song — it's now a way of life. And the newest member of the "Baby Shark" phenomenon? A Baby Shark Fingerling. Because good grief, why not combine all of the obsessions in one, right?

To be completely fair — Fingerlings are adorable. If you're not familiar (where do you live because it must be so quiet and secluded), Fingerlings are a product of Wowwee and are the cutest, sweetest little toys you've ever seen. They are tiny baby animals that can interact with you, talk with you, make noises (including farts!), and be affectionate, all while dangling from one of your fingers. They had a huge splash at Christmas a few years ago where parents all over panicked about the empty Fingerlings shelves, and for good reason. There are tons of different animals, and they are the perfect size for kids to enjoy.

And now? Your "Baby Shark" obsessed child can have a tiny baby shark to hang from their finger. Oh yes, and play the song.

Guys, how cute is that little shark? It's definitely worth the ear worm you'll have the rest of the day as your child plays with it. (Oh please, you know you've already had that song stuck in your head since you woke up this morning.) As you use your finger to "swim" in the air with the little baby shark attached, sweet little ocean and swimming sounds switch on, which means your kid's going to get a heck of a workout with that one finger as their baby shark swims and sings all over the house. But the little guy's fin on top of his head lights up, too, which is pretty adorable until you realize it's lighting up in "mood recognition" based on how you play. Then it's the absolute most adorable thing ever. Baby Shark's tail also flaps, his eyes blink, and you can kiss him for some sweet affection — the longer you hold the kiss, the longer the "mwah" will be. And, of course, he sings "Baby Shark." (do do do do dodo...)

Already wondering how you'll get one? Your best bet is to get prepared now. In 2017, Fingerlings couldn't stay on the shelves, and there was a lot of people buying up the toy and selling it for outrageous prices. With the popularity of "Baby Shark" plus the mega popularity of Fingerlings, I can only assume the same thing will happen with these little guys — they'll just fly right out of the stores. If you know your kid would love one (I mean, TBH, I kind of want one just as my little friend), get in as early as possible to snag one. According to Wowwee, the Baby Shark Fingerlings will be part of the 2019 fall line and will retail for just $14.99.

Bonus: maybe this means you'll get your phone back since they basically have their own little fish-shaped boombox playing the song on repeat. Anyone else constantly deleting the YouTube Kids app just to feel like themselves again? Same.