This Baby Trying Bacon For The First Time Is Already Living His Best Life — VIDEO

One of the biggest joys of parenthood is introducing our brood to the foods we love. They spend the first few months of their lives solely ingesting milk (from formula or breast) so when it comes time to introduce babies to solids, it’s a pretty epic event for both parent and child. For rugrats, it’s a total shock to start tasting new flavors and mashing purees between their gums. For parents, it’s equally entertaining to watch their faces delight (and recoil) at the flavors they’re trying out. And while we know they need to have balanced diets, it’s so fulfilling when we see our kid take to a new food right away, to see their little mouths curl up into smiles as they savor every crumb.

Take little Easton Beach, for example. This little dude’s video showing him try bacon for the first time is going viral, in part because our country is obsessed with bacon, but also because his reaction is priceless. The young toddler was given a piece of bacon to try on Christmas morning and you can tell by the look on his face that he was in heaven, closing his eyes, smacking his lips, chewing it up and then biting down for more. He even started shouting, “Bacon!” (or more like “Bayguhh!” but we get it):

While none of us can go back to that first moment we tried our favorite foods (I’d love to know what I looked like tasting pizza for the first time), what we can do is live vicariously through our kids. Check out these seven other videos of little ones trying new, delicious foods (and some they weren’t so fond of) for the first time:

This Toddler Diligently Eating Their First Piece Of Sushi

Sushi is a perfect food and I refuse to hear otherwise.

This Kiddo Eating Chocolate Cake For The First TIme (The Way We Wish We Could)

This baby is truly all of us, if we were being honest about how we want to live.

This Baby Totally Digging Messily Eating Her Pasta For The First Time


This Rugrat Biting Into Their First Lemon (And Totally Hating It)

It's so cruel when parents do this to babies. Cruel and hilarious.

This Kiddo Trying A Black Liquorice Jelly Bean And Not Liking It One Bit

Is there any food more polarizing?

This Little Girl’s First Time Noming Loudly On Pizza

Get it, girl.

And Finally, This Kid Having His First Taste Of Ice Cream And Reacting Like We All Would

Whew! Everyone feeling old, sullied, and devoid of joy now? Cool. My job here is done.

Images: Tyler Beach/YouTube