Great Scott! I 100% Need This 'Back To The Future' Board Book For My Kid

In pre-k, I remember learning to tell time with one of those wooden toy clocks with a smiley face. (Remember the little hands?) But kids have it so much cooler these days. Telling Time with Marty McFly is a brand new board book coming to you Oct. 20 to help your kids learn how to tell time and “Great Scott!" it's going to be amazing!

The premise of this interactive time traveling board book by Jeff Harvey is for the reader to help Marty McFly get through the day and try to be on time — as he’s always late. Per the description, “Sometimes he's in bed when he should be at school. Other times he's back at school when he should be at band practice.” So he definitely needs your help. Your child will have a blast turning the die-cut wheel and lifting flaps to find out where Marty should be and the proper time. There will be analog and digital clocks, which is interesting and pretty rad in this digital world, so they’ll get to learn about time in different ways.

And how cool to share this piece of pop culture history and fandom with your own child after being obsessed with it in the ‘80s, right? You can introduce them to your favorite characters and also enjoy the book because of that nostalgia factor. Reading is already an amazing way to bond with your children, but add in that fandom factor and you’re in for a real treat.

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Other books in this fun nostalgic series include The Dark Crystal: Book of Opposites, as well as Ghostbusters: 1 to 10 Slimer’s Loose Again, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: E.T.’s First Words — which are both already available for purchase. Are the ‘80s back or what, y’all? I am here for it.

You can even preorder this fantastic board book on the Back to the Future store website. And you may just want to do that, because I have a feeling this book will be selling out in a flash. So why don’t you “make like a tree and get out of here,” and preorder this book. The cost is $10, and is appropriate for kids ages infant to 3 years old.