This Barbie Dreamhouse Cookie Kit Is The Pink Cookie House Of Your Dreams

Is building a gingerbread house each winter part of your family's holiday traditions? Maybe it's one you'd like to start, and if your kids love all things Barbie, this Barbie Dreamhouse cookie kit is the one for you. It's the perfect way to get your littles into cookie construction for their favorite fashionista.

The original Barbie Dreamhouse first came out in 1962, and it was a foldable, cardboard house you could carry along with you. Ever since, it's been at the top of so many kids' wish lists during the holidays. Barbie has lived in all sorts of Dreamhouses since that cardboard version, including a townhouse, a cottage, a mansion or two, and a few more lavish pads with elevators and garages. Now, she can live in a literal gingerbread house.

This cookie kit from World Market includes all the pieces and materials you'll need to build Barbie's new edible abode. It comes with ready-to-use sugar cookie cutouts, plenty of pink and other hues of frosting, and decorative candies in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. So, whatever your little one's (or their Barbie's) interior décor *aesthetic* may be, you can definitely achieve it with all these goodies at your fingertips. Also, note the adorable flower box out front.

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If your child is a little more Star Wars than Barbie Dreamhouse, there are cookie kits available for their interests, too. This Mandalorian set comes with pre-made vanilla cookies shaped like Baby Yoda, as well as all the colors of icing you'll need to make them come to life. The kit includes three cookies for $6.99, so be sure to grab a few boxes if you want a few more snacks than that.

For littles (and parents!) who love the classic Candyland board game, there's even a gingerbread house kit just for you at World Market. For $13.99, you get pre-made gingerbread cutouts and icing, sprinkles, candy jewels and stars, peppermint swirls, and more. Whether you recreate the gingerbread house from the Candyland game board or come up with your own original design is totally up to you.

Families who love camping, or who dream of tiny house life, will also love this precious gingerbread camper kit. Maybe this one can be for the parents — then you can park your camper right outside the kids' Barbie Dreamhouse.