OMG, This Plush Bob Ross Toy Is Literally Holding A Happy Little Tree

One of my favorite weekend pastimes with my Dad was watching The Joy of Painting episodes after lunch and taking a nap. You will never find a man who is as soothing and wonderful as Bob Ross, so he was the perfect nap time companion. Hey, maybe I should play his show for my sleepless 15-month-old and he can fall asleep hearing about happy trees. Or perhaps I should stick with purchasing this Bob Ross plush toy for him instead. If only this particular Bob Ross could talk, though.

On AlwaysFits.com for just $15, this Bob Ross plush toy comes complete with his famous pallet and paintbrush. And guys, he's even holding a happy tree. I'm dead. But my favorite part of this doll is that he has Bob's iconic afro. Bless him.

The product itself has five stars so far, with one happy customer saying, "My brother loooooooves it! He is going to put him in his art room." And another customer saying her boyfriend is going to love it, it's very colorful, a great size, and exactly like the picture on the website.

On The Joy of Painting, Bob Ross taught us not only how to paint beautiful landscapes, but also important life lessons, like "There are no mistakes — just happy accidents" and "All you need is the desire to make beautiful things happen on canvas." I wanted to believe that last quote was true, but my "happy trees" always ended up looking like mold spores.

Maybe I should take a Ross-Style painting class with one of the more than 1,500 Bob Ross teachers who hold local workshops. I bet my trees would definitely be happy after that, guys.

If you don't want to take a class, another way to celebrate the legacy and wonderful messages of Bob Ross, is checking out this "Everybody Needs A Little Friend" heather green t-shirt, this black "Make Art, Not War" t-shirt, his documentary DVD Happy Painter, or all of the seasons of The Joy of Painting in three-disc sets. Speaking of the "Make Art, Not War" t-shirt, fun fact I learned today: Bob Ross was a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. My mind is blown.

There's also a ton of other Bob Ross "swag," including coffee mugs, button-up shirts, socks, a party game, and even a couples costume.

It will definitely be a "happy accident" if you happen to head over to AlwaysFits.com or the official Bob Ross website to grab the Bob Ross plush toy, one of the many t-shirts, DVDs and accessories, or even signing up for an art class. I know Bob Ross would sure be happy that you did, and I know he'd be just as happy as a happy tree to be sitting on your desk or in your art studio while you work. Perhaps he will provide inspiration, or even inspire you to take a nap. That's the magic of Bob Ross.