For The Ultimate In Holiday Nostalgia, There's This Candy Land Gingerbread House Kit

I think my childhood dreams are coming true thanks to this Candy Land Gingerbread House Kit. When I was a kid, almost every night I would drag down Candy Land to play with my parents after dinner. You know how some kids want to watch the same movie or read the same book over and over again? I was like that with Candy Land. Those little primary-colored gingerbread people, the brightly rainbow colored spaces that twisted and turned every which way, and of course who could forget the fine folks and creatures who lived in Candy Land — Plumpy, Mr. Mint, Jolly, Lord Licorice, Gramma Nutt, Princess Lolly, Queen Frostine, and Gloppy.

And you’ll find little subtle glimpses of all of the characters in the colorful candy pieces and the colorful board in this Candy Land Gingerbread House Kit ($14). The best part about this gingerbread kit is that there's no baking required and it includes everything you’ll need, like a simple start tray, pre-baked gingerbread, pre-made icing, candy jewels, fruity gummies, candy stars, sprinkles, mint swirls, and “Scene Setters," which I think may be cardboard cutouts of the characters on the box.

It's got some fairly positive reviews overall — which is surprising to me when discussing gingerbread houses, the most anxiety-inducing holiday tradition of all. One reviewer said they enjoyed all of the candy options and that it was very easy to put together. Another reviewer said it kept their kids busy for an hour. AN HOUR, y'all. That's a holiday miracle right there, don't you think? Another reviewer said that it was a really fun project for the entire family to work on.

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