This 'Captain Marvel' Theory About Nick Fury & Goose Could Explain So Much

Do you know what the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have been missing before Brie Larson knocked it out of the park as Captain Marvel? I feel like you were going to say "A positive female lead and superhero role model for all young girls," and this is definitely true. But also a cat. The other movies were low on cat pals, in my opinion, especially cats who like to cuddle up with Samuel L. Jackson like Carol Danvers' cat Goose. But this is no ordinary cat, of course, and there's a new Captain Marvel theory about Nick Fury and Goose that could make that sweet little kitty an even more intriguing character than he already was.

For those of you who haven't yet managed to see Captain Marvel, spoilers ahead and also really, just take a night off and go see it because everyone is loving it, OK?

So first things first; Carol Danvers is an American fighter pilot in the '90s who is also an extraterrestrial Kree warrior and Nick Fury is the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who helps her figure out her two separate lives to become the superhero Captain Marvel and help the Kree fight against the evil Skrulls from a different planet.

Also she has a cute cat named Goose.

Well Goose actually just looks like a cat, as per Vox. He is in fact a Flerken, an alien species that can shapeshift at will and obviously take on cat form and, wow, now I want a Flerken for my birthday. And I'm not the only one. Throughout Captain Marvel, Nick Fury is having a great old time just getting in all the cat cuddles with Goose and also both of his eyes. That's right, Nick Fury of the cool eye patch who we all met in the original Iron Man has both eyes in this movie. And we also find out how he lost that eye... it was courtesy of a sweet little Flerken/cat named Goose.

Goose scratched Nick Fury's eye in the movie and it simply never healed. But he did this after saving both Fury and Captain Marvel time and again throughout the film, which has fans on Reddit theorizing that Goose is actually able to see into the future. The Reddit theory points to three examples from the movie of times when it seemed Goose could see the future:

  • Goose figures out a hostile alien Skrull is in disguise and lets them know.
  • Like all good cats, he is ever-watchful of Carol Danvers and Nick Fury. But unlike all good cats, he actually seems to help them out.
  • Goose knows the Tesseract is important and needs to be protected, so he swallows it whole. And because he's an alien who has special compartments for entire universes inside him, it's all good.

This would also explain why Nick Fury needed his eye to be damaged, as Comic Book Now notes; in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury's bad eye was instrumental in his success. Which could mean that Goose knew he needed to destroy his eye to protect the fate of future generations of humankind.

We will have to wait for the next two Avengers movies to come out to find out if Goose plays a bigger role in these movies, of course, but here is what we know for sure so far.

Goose is a really good kitty, and all superhero movies should have cats. Even if they're actually aliens.