This Children's Face Mask Subscription Service Means You'll Never Run Out Of Masks

by Cat Bowen

Getting your kids to wear a mask can be a real pain. But, if you put something cool on the outside, and make the mask as comfortable as possible, kids become more amenable. But they can still get bored of the masks quickly (and you may need to replace them more often as they wear them out), which is why MaskClub's subscription service is the perfect solution.

For about $10, your child will be shipped a new, washable, double-layered soft mask once a month. If you need additional masks, they are available on their website for $14. And while that's wonderful and fun and convenient, the best thing about MaskClub is that for every mask they sell, they donate one to the First Responder's Children's Foundation which equips first responders with much needed masks for front-of-the-line workers like emergency medical technicians and paramedics. So far, they have donated over 100,000 masks to the first responders across the country.

MaskClub's subscription service for kids features masks with everyone's favorites from Batman to the Care Bears, and even Kraft macaroni and cheese makes an appearance (which is only fair, since that's all my kid will eat). They are sized just right for small faces, but with enough stretch and give that your kids aren't going to grow out of them in a month. Plus, they're machine washable and made of a durable, soft poly that will cradle their face.

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None of us know what the upcoming school year will look like, or if it will even happen. What we do know is that if there is some sort of in-person instruction, kids will likely be wearing masks until a vaccine or successful treatment becomes available. The ability for parents to have a stockpile of masks — and more coming every month — is a huge weight off of our shoulders. Kids aren't going to be happy that they have to wear them, so the least we can do is make them fun.

Plus, washing these masks gets old. I know that I will need several for my kids — at least four or five — so that I'm not constantly washing them. I know that they need to be laundered every day, so I'm going to make it as easy as possible, and thankfully, MaskClub is here to help.

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