Mom's Reaction To This Exquisitely Simple Diaper Changing Hack Is ALL Of Us

Every once in a while, the internet will deliver a parenting hack that is so deceptively simple and seemingly obvious that its discovery leaves you stunned. Open-mouthed, silent, in shock. Much like mom of two Erin Bies when she discovered an incredibly simple diaper changing hack recently. As a mom of four myself, I can tell you... I'm almost embarrassed that I never thought of this while changing thousands of diapers before my sons got older. If only there was a time machine, I would go back and do it all over again just so I could use this hack.

Bies has a 13-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son, the Colorado Springs mom who hosts the podcast "BIEStmode" tells Romper, so it was an act of true generosity when she shared a now viral diaper changing video with her social media followers earlier this week. While her kids don't need to have their diapers changed any longer, Bies shared a video of herself watching a TikTok video originally posted by TikTok user @vanessa.cuevass and the look of shock on her face says it all.

"People, people, people," the mom in the video says. "When you're changing your baby's dirty diaper, make sure you button its onesie from the back to the front with its hands inside so they won't be in the way. Trust me, mom hack 101."

If you've ever changed a dirty diaper and tried to deal with a squirmy baby whose arms and hands are flying everywhere, including the danger zone that's causing all the mess, you know it's a minefield. Who knew you could save yourself all that trouble by simply using their onesie to contain their wandering hands for a moment? Not me, and not Bies, who tells Romper she shared her reaction along with the TikTok video because "this was definitely something I wish I knew as a new mom."

She's not the only one; the video has gone incredibly viral on Facebook, with more than 5 million views and over 284,000 shares as of Wednesday. "Literally life changing," one parent commented, while another simply said, "Genius."

The internet can sometimes be a powerful parenting tool, particularly when generous moms pass along simple hacks they discover that can help make life a little bit easier for new moms — one onesie and dirty diaper at a time.