Fulfill Your Fam's Las Vegas Vibes This Summer With A ~Flamingo~ Baby Pool Float

For my oldest daughter's first birthday, I went with a pretty simple theme — flamingos. I don't know why I was so into them for her, and I honestly can't remember what we did other than pink and blue accessories, a flamingo invitation, and a flamingo swimsuit. But what I do remember is how whimsical the day felt, and how flamingos gave us this Las Vegas showgirl vibe I was very into. And honestly, that sassy pink feeling is why I'm ready for this flamingo baby pool float for my youngest this summer.

We spent roughly 95 percent of our summer last year at the neighborhood pool — the other 5 percent was spent bingeing Netflix because I was seven months pregnant in Georgia heat — and I have a feeling we'll be splashing in the chlorine a lot more this year. With an almost 5-year-old and a baby that will be around 10 months this summer, what better way to tire them out than the pool? (And then I can watch Season 2 of Big Little Lies in peace.) But while my big girl is fine with her puddle jumper floatie, I needed something a little more substantial for the baby who can't exactly rock any inflatable orange wings. I basically need a seat for the water, and I was already over the boring ones I can remember from the '90s.

Nah. Mama wants this Revoq flamingo inflatable pool float for babies. (Say that five times fast.) At just $17 on Amazon, it's an absolute steal, but more than that, it's safe and cute for your little one. The product description notes that the flamingo is made of high quality durable vinyl so that babies who really like to wail those fists and try to eat everything they're touching (hi, talking about my baby here) won't destroy it. But it also has double valves for "maximum flotation" (v. fancy) and is over 2.5 feet wide, so your baby is ultra comfortable and will float like the royalty they are.

The recommended age for the float is 8 months to 24 months, so keep that in mind if you're looking for something for an even smaller babe. And bonus, if you're hoping your little one will match the float, there are plenty of flamingo swimsuits and flamingo sun hats to really *chef's kiss* make sassy sweet magic.

But whether you go for a pink Las Vegas-inspired flamingo float or some other bright, funky animal, be sure to read up on the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for drowning. They've recently been updated, with the AAP noting that there are nearly 1,000 child deaths a year from drowning. You must remain ever vigilant, even in the smallest amount of water, and know that a float isn't enough to keep your little one safe in a pool. Make sure you're there, you're aware and alert, and that you're always right next to your child in the pool. It can happen in just seconds and flamingo float or not, they're just not safe without you nearby.