OH. MY. GOD. Could This 'Friends' LEGO Set *BE* Any More Perfect?

Is your life a joke? Are you broke? Is your love life DOA? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or even if you just sang along once you caught my drift, you absolutely need the new Friends-themed LEGO set. That's right, instead of stepping all over your kids' LEGOs and cursing the day you brought those jagged little buggers into your home, you can have a set that commemorates the 25th anniversary of your favorite TV show.

LEGO will be there for you (in the box) with instructions for how to assemble the 1,070-piece LEGO Ideas Central Perk set full of iconic details from the show. While this set makes a great gift for any Friends-obsessed pals you may have, I know I'll be buying this one for myself when it is released on Sept. 1 because waiting for someone to buy it for me would be more frustrating than Phoebe trying to teach Joey how to speak French. And $60 for a set that includes seven new mini-figures and a ridiculous amount of detail is a steal, right? I KNOW! (Monica voice)

You can re-create all of your favorite Friends moments with the whole gang (plus Gunther, because of course) inside the three-dimensional LEGO version of Central Perk. You'll build a coffee table, couch, an arm chair (unfortunately, not Rosita, but you can pretend), two chairs, and a table where all of the characters can gather to hear Phoebe play Smelly Cat with her guitar accessory. And then, Ross can take a turn playing on his keyboard that you built for him while Gunther angrily sweeps up with his broom accessory behind the service counter.

Speaking of the service counter, also included in the set is a register, 15 coffee cups, and a tray for Rachel to carry around while getting every order wrong. When Joey's finished eating his beloved pizza slice accessory out of the included pizza box, he can step in and take Rachel's place taking coffee orders when he needs to earn a few bucks but can't successfully find an identical twin for that research study that pays $2000. Joey's other included accessory is his iconic man-bag, but that's a "moo point."

If you want Chandler and Monica to have a happy Hanukkah, you'll want to be sure to pose them nestled together on the couch like the couple they became. With Chandler's laptop accessory never far from his reach, he can spend all night worrying about the WENUS while Monica enjoys her muffin accessory that we hope Chandler didn't lick.

They don't know that we know that they know that we know that this is probably the best piece of Friends memorabilia you could imagine. The details of the Central Perk set are more plentiful than the number of times Ross has been married. A coffee machine, 'Reserved' table sign, flower vases, cookies in a cookie jar, umbrellas in an umbrella stand, and those quintessential green pillars (made in brand new LEGO color for September 2019) make this set inclusive of just about everything any Friends fan could want. There are even TV-style studio lights you can build to make it feel like a real television show set. Could it be anymore perfect?