Srsly, Even *You* Will Want To Feed This Giant Talking Sven Some Carrots

After watching the movie Prancer, I wanted to have a reindeer as a pet so badly. I know all kids wanted ponies, but why would you want a pony when you could have a reindeer? So I would’ve been beyond excited if I had this Frozen 2 Playdate Sven toy. Your kid can take care of him and "ride" him like a magical pony with antlers. Just in time for Frozen 2’s November release — and Christmas and Hanukkah — your kid can have a “my-size” Sven ($100, Amazon) that they can hop on and “ride” in addition to feeding him carrots, and of course snuggling. “From hoof to antler,” this Playdate Sven toy is more than 3 feet tall, and can support kids up to 70 pounds.

Not only can your kid sit on and feed Sven, but he also makes more than 20 different sounds, “including two phrases in Kristoff's hilarious ‘Sven’ voice,” according to the Amazon description. Also among the 20 different sounds, Sven will make a chomping noise as your kid feeds him a carrot, and will make galloping noises if you pull on his reins and make “reindeer noises” if you hug him around his soft neck. Oh, did I mention his neck is soft and huggable? How cute is that, and oh so important for a toddler toy. Snuggle time is a must.

If your kid can’t get enough Frozen this year, perhaps Santa can interest them in this Enchanted Ice Vanity, or Elsa Fashion Doll and Nokk. Or how about this walking and talking Follow-Me Friend Olaf? If your kid is totally Frozen-obsessed and won't "let it go," you (or Santa Claus) can totally go all out this Christmas with the Frozen Board Books, this coloring and sticker book set, Frozen backpack (complete with hair accessories), a Frozen LEGO DUPLO set, or if you're really brave, a Frozen Magical Sing Along Pretend Microphone. This microphone is actually pretty cool — you can hook it up to a device to sing from your own playlist, or you can just use it alone with the playlist built in (which I'm sure includes everyone's favorite song). Anna and Elsa sing with you, too, which also adds to the magic.

But if Sven is their most favorite character (because why wouldn’t he be?), then you should totally check out this 16-inch Plush and this Talking Plush Sven. For the older Sven fans, check out the Funko Pop! Disney Frozen 2 Sven to add to your collection. So Santa, parents, everyone, go to Amazon right now and add the Playdate Sven toy (and all these other fabulous Frozen 2 toys) to your cart as soon as possible. At the very least, Sven can make for a festive and large holiday decoration when your kids aren't sitting on him, hugging him, or feeding him a carrot. So it's a two-for-one deal and a win-win for the family. Now if they come out with an adult-sized ride-on Prancer toy and I don't hear about it, someone please tell me.