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'Game Of Thrones' May Never Be The Same If This Theory About Sam Is Confirmed

I think we’re going to have an uproar of fans freaking out if Game of Thrones ends with some old man closing a book and placing it on a shelf with the camera panning back to see that the title of said book is none other than the title of the show we all geek out over even when it’s not on TV. But this Game of Thrones theory about Sam Tarly as the narrator of the entire story we’re watching play out is definitely one to consider.

First thing’s first — last season, fans immediately recognized that big glowing sphere from the theme song as the same chandelier at the library in Old Town, the very same library where Sam finally arrived to train to become a maester. But on Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2, things started to get really meta for fans.

Archmaester Ebrose revealed to Sam that he’s currently writing a history of the wars that have followed King Robert’s death. Or, you know, literally everything we’ve seen on the show so far. But when he revealed the title to be A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I, which is itself a mouthful, Sam suggested “something a bit more poetic?” Oh Sam, how we all love you so. Could something more poetic be, say, George R.R. Martin’s own title of the book A Song of Ice and Fire?

If this is where the show is going with Sam’s own part in it all, it isn’t totally out there. Sam has been super into books and magic since we first met him back in Season 1 and he became Jon’s BFF. He’s also been weirdly connected to so many of the big events in Westeros that it wouldn’t be hard for him to know what to put in the book.

And on the flipside, it would be pretty easy for him to embellish on some things. Like him killing a White Walker, a feat that people still don’t believe when he tells them. And being a total badass when he stole his father’s sword, Heartsbane. You know, artistic license and all that. In an interview with KTLA 5 News in Los Angeles, John Bradley (Sam) addressed some of the more popular Game of Thrones theories, including the one that places Sam as the writer and narrator of the whole thing when it’s all said and done.

Of course he didn’t confirm the Sam Tarly narrator theory, because he might not even know, but he did admit, "That’s a very interesting theory" and said that because the cast doesn’t know how Game of Thrones will end, a lot of theories "have every chance of being true."

While the idea of Sam being the narrator and story teller at the very end of the series might be some fans’ unwanted idea of wrapping up the series in a nice little bow, it would also make sense since Sam has been a prominent fixture the entire time, acting as an average person throughout all of these insane events, but still managed to survive.

And when it’s all said and done, maybe his reason for survival was indeed to write the show’s version of A Song of Ice and Fire.