Big Mouth Inc.

This Giant Corgi Pool Float Is The Only Summer Accessory You Need

Last year was the year of the giant unicorn sprinkler, and the year before that was the era of the enormous pizza float. But 2019 is already bringing you the must-have summer accessory, and it's even cuter than you imagined. You, yes you, absolutely need this giant corgi pool float.

From the makers of the ginormous unicorn sprinkler that ruled suburban backyards everywhere (including mine), Big Mouth Inc. has now upped the inflatable creature niche with the sweetest thing you've ever seen. Corgis have been having a ~moment~ for a long time, but now that moment has peaked — you can float in a corgi butt all summer long. This new float is one of 13 new floats Big Mouth Inc. is debuting this season, but the corgi float itself? Y'all, it's four feet long, holds up to 200 pounds, and is made of thick PVC material so it can last all year. Which means it's more than just a float. It's a backyard seat during a campout, it's a giant inflatable pillow for your kids to hug all over — it's everything you've ever wanted in a float. Bonus: It's just $24.99 on Amazon.

Maybe I'm getting a little too extreme here, but you guys. Big Mouth Inc. has floats that were made for Instagram, and this one is no different. You don't have to be the Queen of England to appreciate a great corgi butt, I always say.

I mean, the corgi's name is Ringo. COME ON.

Last year, my husband and I decided to opt into our neighborhood association, which gives us access to the neighborhood pool and the lake our homes are built around. It didn't take long for it to quickly become my 4-year-old daughter's favorite spot, and thanks to our assortment of Big Mouth Inc. floats, it was mine, too. (And literally everyone who comes to visit us during the summer.) Big Mouth Inc. is known for their hilarious, Instagram-worthy floats, and they have them for even the littlest members of your family, and they're made to last. Frosted donuts, tacos, jellyfish, flamingos, unicorns — they've thought of everything. And now you can feel as royal as Queen Elizabeth as you float leisurely in a giant corgi float.

Still not sure how you feel? What if I told you that the 4-foot corgi float perfectly matches a floating corgi drink holder? Maybe that could launch you into the summer with excitement, right? Because you guys. Look at this thing.

Big Mouth Inc.

It's a floating corgi, holding a red plastic cup full of some perfect, delicious summer drink. And it's right next to you in the pool.

Summer's the perfect time to let loose and enjoy your childlike inhibitions. Chasing the ice cream truck down? Done. Cold drinks and popsicles for dinner? Fine. Skipping a shower because you were in the pool all day? Go for it. But don't let your enjoyment of all the small summer things stop there. Invest in a quality pool float that you'll absolutely love — and one that looks really good on your Instagram page. I don't know how my family will look carting this inflatable corgi on our backs as we walk to the pool, but I know we'll be the envy of all once we're floating free. I mean, corgi butts. What more could you want?