This Giant Rainbow Sprinkler Will Turn Your Backyard Into Pure Magic

Summer trends — there's a new one every year, am I right? I feel like last year all I saw were giant pool floats (usually in the shape of a pineapple or a slice of pizza), but this year, the water fun is taking a different turn. Apparently enormous, bright-colored sprinklers are in and as the parent of a 3-year-old (and also just a person who likes cute stuff) I am so in. Which is why this giant rainbow sprinkler from Pottery Barn Kids is probably going straight on my summer bucket list.

You guys, seriously. Rainbows. Giant inflatables. Sprinklers. What more could you or your kids want from this summer? For just $149, you and your kids can splash in this 7.5-foot wide, 5-foot tall rainbow. According to the Pottery Barn Kids website, the water falls from the "transparent water curtain" as your hose connects to the right side of the rainbow. So not only do you get a giant rainbow in your backyard, the stuff of Lisa Frank dreams, but you also get to run through it, getting lightly misted by the sprinkler.

I'm like, in love with this thing. I can't even lie about it. Sprinklers, as strange as it is to say, are so in, and I'm totally here for it. Everyone loves a pool, but when you have a fearless, adventurous kid and the pool is a mile away, a sprinkler is so much more fun. No floaties needed, you can just hose off the grass from their feet before they come inside, and you can look away for two seconds to Instagram the heck out of this sight in your backyard. Plus, how many pools can you find in the shape of a rainbow?

If you're hoping to really fill your backyard with all the sprinklers you can find (and be the coolest house in the neighborhood), this rainbow sprinkler is just the start. There is also a ginormous unicorn sprinkler at Target for the cool price of just $50. Can you imagine the sight of both through your kitchen window? I'm also quite partial to the ginormous dinosaur sprinklers, also available at Target. If you don't think my husband and I have already discussed filling our backyard with these dinosaur sprinklers, playing the famous Jurassic Park music, and having our daughter ride her jeep between them while we quote Jeff Goldbum, then hi. You don't know us at all, but let's be friends. You can be John Hammond.

Big Mouth Toys Unicorn Sprinkler, $49.99, Target

But back to this rainbow sprinkler. As huge as it is, the Pottery Barn Kids website claims that it's easy to put together, is fairly lightweight (I mean, for a giant rainbow, only weighing 6.25 pounds isn't bad), and has a water output of 0.230 gallons. Basically? It's the stuff of your kids' dreams and is a surefire way to wear them out in the backyard without ever having to leave your deck.

Big Mouth Toys Dinosaur Sprinkler, $49.99, Target

If this trend is anything like previous summer trends (seriously, what am I supposed to do with this giant pizza pool float now that I have a huge rainbow sprinkler), there will probably be more whimsical sprinklers coming out in the next few months. But don't let logic keep you from filling your yard with them. Your kids — nay, you — deserve the finer things in life. So grab this rainbow sprinkler today before your Instagram feed gets them first.

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