An 11-year-old's impersonation of Kamala Harris caught the senator's eye.
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This Girl Got Kamala Harris' "Vote" With Her Spot-On Costume & Even Better Impression

Not only does she do a pitch-perfect impersonation of the Democratic vice presidential candidate, but one 11-year-old girl's Kamala Harris costume couldn't be more perfect. It was so perfect, in fact, that Sen. Harris herself took notice.

Virginia mom Erinn Harley-Lewis recently shared a video of her daughter Celeste on Twitter doing her best to embody the unique spirit of Harris on the campaign trail. The 11-year-old donned a navy blazer and a pair of sensible low heels over jeans and a t-shirt and pretended to be waving at her fans and supporters as she walked down the street. The walk in particular she nailed, emulating Harris' high energy level stride to perfection.

As a fictional member of the press, Harley filmed her daughter's progression while also narrating. "The motorcade has pulled up," she says in the video. "The vice presidential candidate is here. Sen. Harris! Do you have a few words for us?"

"I do," Celeste as the VP nominee replied. "When I am vice president, I want to help all the American people. I want to deliver health care for all, equality and justice under the law."

When sharing the video on Twitter on Oct. 6, the proud mom wrote that her daughter requested to "play Vice President!" Harley added that she's "grateful that my 11yr old sees herself represented on the political stage."

As the first female vice presidential candidate of color, Sen. Harris' career is an inspiration to young girls like Celeste. As former Vice President Joe Biden's chosen running mate, Harris offers visible proof to young women of color that they can rise to the top, just as she has.

Even though she is in the final weeks of a turbulent presidential campaign, Harris took the time to acknowledge Celeste's amazing costume. "She has my vote. Tell her to keep leading," Harris wrote on Twitter.

Harris isn't the only one who appreciated the 11-year-old's performance; the video has garnered more than 738,000 views on Twitter thus far. As the election draws nearer, Celeste's version of Kamala Harris as "Madam Vice President" could finally be a reality. Navy blazer, confident stride, and all.