Forget The Sanderson Sisters, This Halloween 'Golden Girls' Tee Is Real #SquadGoals

It is no secret that The Golden Girls is my all-time favorite show. I began watching them when the first episode aired back in the ‘80s with my Mom and Memaw, and we watched it every single week. My husband and I own every season on DVD and we watch at least two episodes before bed every night. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. And I am so excited about this Golden Girls Halloween t-shirt from Etsy shop BronzedBoutique because it just so happens that Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays. The two of these favorite things combined are making me very happy.

I already own one Golden Girls t-shirt that says “Squad Goals” on the front, and the sentiment is so true. Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia are definitely the ultimate #squadgoals. How amazing would it be to live in a house in Miami with your girlfriends in your golden years? Plus, this show is one of the greatest shows ever because it totally hit on things that were way ahead of the show’s time. I’d be proud to be part of a squad like that. And that's why you need this shirt to represent your love for the most progressive older ladies in the '80s — and your love for Halloween of course.

So how was the show so progressive? Especially for a group of old ladies living in Miami? Well for one, the show touched on LGBTQ+ issues and homophobia in the episode when Blanche’s brother came out as gay to her, and then gay rights on another episode when her brother found a partner he wanted to marry. Sophia explained to Blanche that they just wanted to celebrate their love like any other normal couple would, so they should get the chance. The show even talked about ageism and sexism in the workforce in the episode where Rose couldn’t find a job because she was too old and had a gap in her resume for being a homemaker and mother.

There were episodes about race issues, including when Dorothy’s son Michael wanted to marry a woman who was not only 20 years older than him, but she was also black. Oh, and who could forget the episode when Rose thought she may have AIDS (because of a bad blood transfusion when she had her gallbladder removed), and Rose says to Blanche she shouldn’t have AIDS because she’s a good person and a goody two-shoes. And then Blanche reminds her, “AIDS isn’t a bad person’s disease” and “God isn’t punishing people for their sins.” There was also an important moment in that episode when Dorothy yelled at Sophia for being afraid to use the toilet or coffee cups Rose had used when she was waiting on her test results.

And of course, there was all the sex talk (while eating cheesecake), showing that women can be sexually active and confident no matter what their age, which was also shown when the girls are getting supplies for a cruise with their gentleman friends and they decide to get condoms. After Dorothy has to scream, “Condoms, Rose! Condoms, condoms, condoms!” Blanche gives a speech to the entire department store that they shouldn’t judge because they’re active and vibrant women with healthy sex lives and they just want to be safe.

Come to think of it, though there were episodes featuring some holidays, there was never a Halloween episode, which is why you need this amazing shirt on Etsy. Everyone’s favorite girls are super festive in their witch hats, and it’s especially festive in the bright orange color — however, if you don’t want the orange, it comes in five other colors and ranges from $16 to $23 depending on the size you get. And if you want to wear Golden Girls gear throughout the rest of the year, the same shop also offers its own version of a Golden Girls #squadgoals t-shirt.

Support your favorite progressive girls and thank them for being a friend by purchasing this amazing Golden Girls Halloween t-shirt, or any of the other great Golden Girls t-shirts on Etsy.