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This Guy Falling On Live TV Is The Election Relief The Internet Needed

Nov. 8 has turned out to be a pretty tense day in the United States, to say the least. As election night continues to unfold, voters are watching state projections that are much closer than expected, leaving many biting their nails and wondering about the night's final result. Considering the collective breath-holding the country is currently engaged in, an NBC video of a guy falling on live TV was exactly the kind of comic relief the internet (not to mention the country) needed on Tuesday night.

During a live-stream at Democracy Plaza in Rockefeller Plaza in New York, NBC anchor Jo Ling Kent walked backwards through the crowd, narrating the scene as she went. One man, grinning, appeared from behind her only to inch in front of the camera and then walk backwards alongside Kent, apparently intent on staying in the camera's view (whether he was supposed to remain next to her for an upcoming question or not, we'll never know). As he smiled and inched back, however, he seemed to trip and fall backwards (which, hey, is probably exactly what I'd do if I ever ended up on live TV, too).

Having a man unexpectedly fall down on live TV was clearly just the kind of humorous break voters needed (and, honestly, freakin' deserved) from the election, because they took advantage of the situation and began weighing in on Twitter almost immediately. First, here's the fall:

Second, here are all of Twitter's beautiful reactions to the fall, because we all clearly needed a laugh and what a better way to articulate that need than with 140 characters, or less:

Of course, since it's the internet, someone also made the NBC falling guy a Twitter account as well, naming it "NBC Falling Voter." His Twitter bio simply read: "11/8/16 - The date I fell on the ground, and into every American's heart." His tweets included phrases like, "Gonna go on NBC and fall on live tv," and "I only fell on the ground, so that I could fall into your hearts."

It's moments like this that make following the election live worth it, folks. Because even amid the wild ride that this election night has been, the internet has managed to make fun of CNN host Wolf Blitzer's "key race alerts," make light of their own feelings (yes, everyone has a lot of them at the moment), and enjoy a guy's tumble on live TV. But hey, election night has carried on a little longer than everyone expected and emotions are running high, so we have to take our comedic relief where we can get it.