I Need Every Perfect Item In This Pippi Longstocking Collection From H&M

One of my favorite movies when I was a kid was The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. I watched it at least twice a week, and it inspired me to read the book, too. But now this H&M Pippi Longstocking collection has me totally pumped. It's perfect for kids who have a longing for independence and adventure, and who are full of courage, a positive attitude, and a lot of spunk. Or you know, for kids who are just as obsessed with Pippi Longstocking as you were back in 1988.

Guys, this collection even has costumes where you can ride Pippi Longstocking's horse Little Buddy, or actually become Pippi with a headband that has her iconic red braids sticking straight out. And there's even a Little Buddy backpack. I can't. In addition to the amazing costumes, there are striped mismatched tights that Pippi most definitely would have been a fan of, sweatshirts, pajama sets, dresses, t-shirts, headbands, and more. All this collection needs are some aprons that are filled with colorful patches that aren't a costume — but for everyday wear — and perhaps a Mr. Wilson monkey to tag along as a BFF.

There's something for every kid's taste in this collection — and their dad doesn't even have to be the cannibal king to buy them. Oh, and you can leave your gold coins at home, too. Also, can H&M please make this collection for adults? I'd totally rock some Pippi-approved tights and a Pippi sweatshirt or tee.


Printed Hoodie

OK, seriously H&M. Please make this sweatshirt in women's sizes. It has my favorite scene of the movie, where Pippi lifts up Little Buddy, on the front of this super comfortable looking hoodie. I guess I'll have to live vicariously through children for now.


Printed Sweatshirt Dress

This dress is the perfect amount of whimsy for a Pippi Longstocking outfit. The vibrant yellow dress with white polka dots just seem like something Pippi would be into, right? I think you should pair this dress with those fabulous official Pippi Longstocking tights below and some boots. You’d have an official fan outfit.


Jersey Dress with Tulle

For the kid who wants a little more sparkle and pizzaz in their wardrobe, this jersey dress with a tulle skirt is a super cute option for their Pippi wardrobe. And Pippi looks too cute on the front of this dress with her iconic pigtails.


Pajama Set

I just might have to get my kid some of these pajamas so I can live vicariously through him being able to wear my dream pajamas featuring Pippi and Little Buddy.



Finally something I can wear! These headbands are for ages 3 and up, and I think I could rock each of them. But they'd definitely look super cute on your kid if not for yourself.



Sorting and finding matches for your kid's socks just got a little bit better with these whimsical Pippi Longstocking socks. I also believe they could all be mixed and matched and still be true Pippi fashion. Makes laundry day a little bit easier.



I love, love, love these. And the little Pippi face in the knees just takes these mismatched striped tights to the next level of Pippi Longstocking awesomeness.


Pippi Longstocking Costumes

These costumes are perfect for anytime, not just Halloween. For days when dress-up is the game of choice, or if your kid just wants to channel their inner Pippi for the day when you run errands, these are everything.


Cotton T-shirt

This is for real going into my online shopping cart as soon as I finish this article. This t-shirt has almost all of the elements we love about Pippi Longstocking, including her two buddies Tommy and Annika. The only way to make this shirt better is to have included Mr. Wilson.


Jersey Top

You may have to have a "Scrubbing Day" at your house if your kids become inspired to cook breakfast Pippi Longstocking style after wearing this adorable long sleeved tee. Worth it.


Little Buddy Backpack

Whether it's hauling their favorite Pippi accessories, the Pippi Longstocking book, or DVD, this Little Buddy backpack is definitely a whimsical and fun way for your kids to carry their things around.



This soft, cozy sweatshirt is beyond adorable with Pippi's sweet and hopeful face smiling at you all over it. I think I'm going to need this one, too.