Forget The Lumos Charm — All Your Kid Needs Is This Hedwig Nightlight From Target

When my husband and I were planning how to decorate our son's nursery before he arrived, we were torn between having a music/rock theme and a Harry Potter theme. I'm more of a Potterhead than my husband, that's for sure, so we ultimately went with a music theme. This choice was a close one, but it was fitting for our son, to be honest. But seriously, if this Harry Potter Hedwig mood light would've been around when we were making our decision, I'm pretty sure my son's room would have basically been Hogwarts.

Every Potterhead — no matter how old — needs this Harry Potter Hedwig mood light in their lives. Plus, it's only $15 at Target. And even better? It's safe for little kids because it's battery operated, so no cords. It serves as a pretty awesome nightlight for those late night diaper changes, or for older wizards and witches who may be scared of the dark. The soft glow changes color and has a timer, which is perfect for saving battery life and to get the room dark once your kid falls asleep (or you're done changing a diaper).

Most of the reviews on Target's website were overwhelmingly positive and full of "Would Recommend." Many saying how much their children loved it, how cute the lamp was, and how much everyone enjoyed it — kids and parents alike. In fact, one reviewer wrote, "What a sweet piece. We bought this for a Harry Potter loving friend, but even my non-HP-loving daughter was charmed by it." There was only one "bad" review from a reviewer mysteriously named "Albus," which said, "Meh, got it for a Potterhead but it has room for improvement. First of all, where are Hedwig's black spots on the wings? I guess we could add some after the fact but c'mon!" Was that really a disgruntled Dumbledore from beyond, or a really nerdy super fan? I'm not sure. Maybe it was Albus and he was just jealous it wasn't a mood lamp of himself.

Which leads me to this next piece of exciting news. If Hedwig wouldn't be your first choice of lamp decor (but seriously, what's wrong with you?), Target has other glorious Harry Potter Lamp options for you to "Lumos." There is a Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp ($25), a Deathly Hallows Lamp ($25), and even a mood lamp of The Boy Who Lived himself — check out the Harry Potter Mood Lamp.

Until the family's Hogwarts letter arrives in the mail, I guess you'll just have to enjoy magical Harry Potter decor in your own home to give you your Harry Potter fix. But thankfully, we can purchase some magical Harry Potter essentials at our own magical place — Target. Though not quite as magical as Hogwarts, Target is pretty close, right? So join me now in saying, "Accio Harry Potter night lights!" Make sure you're flicking your wands correctly, guys. Don't make me get Professor Flitwick in here to deduct house points.