This 'Hocus Pocus' Board Game Is So Good, I Need To Form A Calming Circle

There is just something about watching Halloween movies that instantly flips my family's whole vibe from summer to fall. Among our treasured favorites, the Disney classic Hocus Pocus is at the tip-top of the list. Learning that there's now a Hocus Pocus board game we can play together just added a whole other level to my holiday prep this year. I'm so excited that I may need to form a calming circle.

If themed movie and game nights are your jam, Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game is exactly what you need to create an unforgettable Halloween-themed family night. You won't have to pay for this new game with the tears of little children either. Made by Ravensburger, the new game is available for order on Amazon and retails for $20.

Hold on tight to your broomsticks, because with this game, your family is in for a wild ride. First of all, the packaging of this game looks like the Sanderson Sisters' spell book and I can't get over how clever that is. The art work of the three witches is whimsical, but with a creepy vibe, much like the very movie it's based on.

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The plot of the game basically puts you and your family in the shoes of the kids from the movie — you lit the Black Flame Candle and now must stop the Sanderson Sisters from draining the lives of the children of Salem before the sun rises. Players must work together to ruin the sisters' potion by taking turns placing different ingredient cards on a cauldron-shaped board to cast spells that will stun the witches.

Each witch is stunned by a different combination of cards, listed on another board featuring Sarah, Winifred, and Mary. Every time a witch is stunned, players get to move a token on an area of the board that keeps track of when the sun will rise. When the sun finally rises, the witches will turn to dust and the game will be won.

In an attempt to thwart the efforts of your spells, the witches themselves can cast spells right back if certain cards are drawn by players. These cards feature some of the most iconic lines and scenes from the film. The witches can make players dance 'til they die, run amuck, and take flight to disarm their spells, lose turns, and more.

Here to help players save the day when the witches smell children, Binx the cat makes an appearance in the game as an ally of sorts, allowing players to show their hand and work together more easily. Trick tokens featuring Billy Butcherson, a circle of salt, daylight savings, and the burning rain of death can also help players swiftly defeat the witches.

The game is best suited for two to six players ages 8 and up and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Ready to play? Just shout "It's time!" in your heartiest Winifred voice and gather your family 'round the cauldron (OK, the board).