This 4-Foot Inflatable 'Christmas Vacation' RV Is Gonna Look "Real Nice, Clark"

Although you can't open it up and live in it like Eddie and the rest of the cousins, parking this Christmas Vacation inflatable RV on your front yard will give you the Griswold family Christmas look you've always dreamed of. Arguably one of the best Christmas movies of all time (Yes, I said it — fight me, Elf fans), National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation hilariously captures the antics of the Griswold family at Christmastime and puts into perspective the minor disasters that families often run into around the holidays.

I've seen plenty of homes absolutely covered in Christmas lights in an attempt to re-create the famous yard decor of the Griswold home in the movie, but they are typically always missing one thing — Cousin Eddie's RV that he unexpectedly parks at Clark's house for Christmas. Now, you can decorate your yard in the style of the Griswold family with complete accuracy thanks to The Home Depot. For $200, you can purchase this 4-foot-tall inflatable RV that is fully decked out, just like the RV from the movie. (Sh*tter full and everything.)

The details on this inflatable Christmas decoration are beyond amazing. Faux mud on the wheels and giant rust-like spots all over the exterior mimic the look the RV had in the movie. Remember the iconic scene where Cousin Eddie empties out the waste from the RV into the sewer drain in front of the house? Well, this inflatable even features a waste disposal hose curled up behind a rear wheel. At least you can rest assured that no waste will be disposed of on your front lawn — or cause a giant explosion that scatters the rest of your Christmas decor high into the sky for that matter. Cue Aunt Bethany: "And the rocket's red glare!"

The single string of Christmas lights wrapping around the top of the RV, and wreaths with red bows hung on the side door and front of the RV give it that quintessential holiday look. Not only do the lights around the top light up, but this inflatable illuminates from the inside to give it a gorgeous glow that can be seen by everyone passing by admiring what a wonderful Griswold-inspired yard you have. Even Clark Griswold wouldn't cause a city-wide power outage plugging this inflatable decoration in thanks to the energy-efficient LED lights.

This decorative RV is self-inflatable, so all you have to do is plug it in and stake it down in your yard with the included stakes. It also deflates completely for easy storage. If you have the room, this 4-foot-tall inflatable is not only suitable for outdoor use, but is safe to use indoors as well. I could definitely see this being an amazing addition to a photo booth situation at an ugly Christmas sweater party.

If you truly want to go all out with your decor and give your yard even more of a Griswold look, The Home Depot also has an 8-foot-long inflatable National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation station wagon available as well. The $130 inflatable yard decoration features a Christmas tree on top of the green and wood-grain colored station wagon in case you want to completely re-create yet another scene from the movie on your front lawn.

With National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation inflatables decorating your home this year, you're sure to have the "Hap-Hap-Happiest Christmas" of them all.