Your House Isn't On Fire, Clark — It's An Inflatable That Plays 'Christmas Vacation'

Want to make Clark Griswold proud this holiday season? If you're a fan of the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (and really, how could you not be?), let me make a suggestion: Home Depot's inflatable 'Christmas Vacation' snow globe scene ($199) as yard decoration. This massive 8-foot tall inflatable and LightShow projector set plays five scenes from the hilarious holiday film and four exciting transition scenes, and comes with literally everything you need for an easy set up. Unlike Clark, there will be no struggling with outdoor lights, roof accidents, or turning off your neighborhood's power grid with this inflatable set from Home Depot. Well, if there was ever a time to be envious of my friends in the suburbs, this is it.

Using advanced, high-tech image mapping, the Living Projection inflatable gives you the ability to play five of the most memorable scenes from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, which you can customize yourself (show a single scene if you like or play them in a continuous loop) and four instrumental transition scenes — all within the exact shape of an air-blown inflatable snow globe. The inflatable set also includes external ports which allows you to play your own videos year-round anywhere, for any occasion. Christmas in July celebration? You will be ready to go! In the meantime, if your December weather can be unpredictable, the inflatable set has you covered with a weather-resistant case and heavy-duty lawn stakes and tethers, remote control and power adapter. And did I mention it swivels?

Unfortunately, my family and I have to live vicariously through the rest of you that can decorate your front yards during the holiday season. While I am happy living in a cozy little apartment and don't really envy living in a house (not to mention the upkeep), I do get a little envious over having a yard and the ability to garden during the spring and summer and decorate during the cooler months. Good thing there are shows like The Great Christmas Light Fight. Anyone else watch this friendly competition reality show in December? We love the absolutely incredible lawn decorating displays that each family creates, as well as the meaningful stories behind why the process is so special to them. I mean, the families featured on each episode love to spread Christmas cheer, and I am here for all of it. And you never know, perhaps we will see the Christmas Vacation projection snow globe on the series this year?

Now, whether you string a few lights on a bush or go all out with inflatable decorations, it's important to follow a few rules of Christmas light etiquette, according to D.R. Horton. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but safety should be considered: "Blow-up decorations are fun for the kids. Depending on where they are placed in your yard, they can become a burden to your neighbors, however. Be cognoscente not to block anyone’s visibility of the road or their driveway." I must admit that's something I didn't even think about, and I suppose you don't want a driver so distracted watching Christmas Vacation scenes on your inflatable that they run off the road, causing an accident. So, before putting up your inflatable, think about where to place it first that won't be a distraction for passing cars.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys a theme, Home Depot has you covered. They also offer a Christmas Vacation inflatable RV as well as an inflatable Christmas Vacation station wagon. You know, just in case the neighbors didn't already know you were a fan of the Griswold family. Save the neck for me, Clark.