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What You Shouldn't Say About Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian

by Kaitlin Kimont

A full-on social media frenzy was ignited on Wednesday after Rob Kardashian posted several explicit photos of Blac Chyna on Instagram. The 30-year-old reality star went on a rampage — posting nearly 10 posts with heated and damaging captions in less than an hour — and alleged that his ex-fiancée cheated on him with other men and even made claims that she uses drugs with their child around. Every single one of these accusations could be a deeply private and personal matter. And regardless of whether they have any merit, they are frankly none of our business. Neither Kardashian's nor Chyna's representatives have responded to Romper's request for comment.

Sure, some can argue that both of them are public figures and have chosen to duke it out on social media before, so any public input is warranted and to be expected. And that very well may be the case here, but there is definitely a wrong way to respond to what's happening between Kardashian and Chyna.

As the internet likes to do, tweets and comments came pouring in soon after Kardashian started posting. His followers were quick to give their two cents about his relationship with Chyna relationship and felt they had a right to say that he should revoke child support for his daughter, 7-month-old Dream, to help get Chyna under control.

Not only is an issue like that not up for public discussion, but even putting it on the table reeks of racist undertones. It's hard to believe that a white woman in a similar situation would be treated the same way, or that people would advocate that a white woman's child be left without monetary support as the result of something the mother is allegedly doing. Additionally, if Kardashian did stop paying child support, it's most likely to hurt Dream in addition to his mother, and how does that seem "fair" or acceptable?

Aside from what may happen as the result of the Instagram incident, Kardashian choosing to post nude photos of Chyna (allegedly without her permission), screenshots of their text messages, and allegations about illegal drug use at the mother of his child is not only wrong — but it could be could also be illegal if the state decides to press charges against Kardashian for revenge porn. Chyna — regardless of the public's opinion about her — is, first and foremost, a person, and she deserves privacy and respect like any other person who has shared similar images with a partner.

And even though Instagram removed the photos almost instantly after Kardashian posted them — not once, but twice in less than 30 minutes — someone out there in the deep dark world of the internet has a copy and will have that for as long as they please. And alleging that Chyna has used drugs in the presence of her daughter could do serious damage to her reputation, making it possible for her to allege and sue for defamation if the allegations are false. (Romper has reached out to Kardashian's representative regarding allegations of defamation.)

It's very clear that Kardashian and Chyna have a troubled relationship, and the two should be encouraged to find help and support, both with family and with professionals. And while they're not the first set of parents to go through a messy split with a child caught in the middle of it all, public encouragement that Kardashian revoke child support reinforces racist stereotypes about black mothers while also ignoring just who could be hurt worst by this situation: Dream Kardashian, a child.