This Kid-Friendly Thermometer Is A Dream Come True

When your kids are sick, it can be hard to keep your cool while you're also trying to check their rising temperatures. If you've ever tried to take a squirmy kid's temperature or found it hard to keep track of the ups and downs of a fever, this new kid-friendly thermometer might be your new best friend. Actually, scratch that — it will absolutely be your new best friend.

Earmo was designed by Adam Lou, the CEO of Bongmi, who was tired of taking temperatures late at night and hassling his kid. Essentially, Earmo is an LED thermometer that can take a temperature in just one second and instead of making you hassle with numbers, will also show a happy or sad face emoji (because this is 2017, let's not forget) so you can quickly decide if you should stay up all night worrying or make a call about giving your child some medicine or call a doctor.

Even better, it's an LED touchscreen thermometer, so you can sneak in while your child is sleeping and get a quick read without (hopefully) waking them up from their fever induced dreams. It also has an option, with just a swipe, to see the last five temperatures, which might be its coolest feature.

You can download the Earmo app and connect via Bluetooth to store those temps and track the progress throughout the day. Because it's hard to remember exactly what the last temp was at 3 a.m. and remember if things are stable or getting better. If you have two kids (or one co-parent) down with the flu, this could help keep things straight.

Through the app, you can also browse symptoms and some tips about what to do with the given fever temp or send the data straight to your doctor via email or text. So instead of calling your doctor and risk sounding like a helicopter or hypochondriac parent, you can present them with five solid past temperatures and ask an informed question. That's a huge plus for anyone who's ever felt a little foolish in front of a doctor who might seem to brush your valid worry off. It happens to the best of us.

The thermometer is being sold directly through Earmo's Indiegogo campaign for the moment. For $49 you get an Earmo, a tip protector, and two AA batteries to get started. You can get a two pack for $89, and if you want to support the cause after you try it out, there are bulk packs available for a few hundred dollars. The Earmo is easily cleaned and should last you through a few bad seasons, but it's a good way to support some cool technology and spread the word.

So far, the reviews have been good and it certainly sounds easier than some of the other thermometers on the market that come with disposable lens filters and not a lot of Bluetooth capability to track temps. Yes, once upon a time parents took a temperature with just the back of their hand. But this thing sounds way more accurate and useful in the long run.