This Kid’s Art Project Freaked Her Dad Out — Then He Turned It Around

There are few things more frustrating for a parent than having an art project dropped in their lap by their kid, and having no clue what it's supposed to be. It's like The DaVinci Code without Tom Hanks there to support you in the background with his genius intellect and permanently furrowed brow. So my heart really went out to this dad who freaked out over his kid's art project. Until he turned the whole thing around... and then it became another matter altogether.

Reddit user Bubsing shared a picture of a recent art project his 7-year-old daughter created last month. It was... I mean, at first glance it was really something. If that had been my kid, that's probably what I would have said. Wow, hon, that's really something.

Not so with the quick-witted Reddit user and dad, who (aptly) christened the art project "Angry Rage Boner Poop Fly Guy." A brown, furious-looking oval shaped thing with wings and what appeared to be, well, an erection. Yes, you read that right. This poor man thought his daughter brought home an art project that wasn't only anatomically correct-ish, but also a little excited. No wonder he freaked out a little at the sight of this gorgeous creation.

You see it, right?

It turns out, this dad had the project turned upside down. Take a look at the smaller image in the corner.

His daughter was actually trying to create Fly Guy, a children's school book character who rarely looks angry, or like poop, or has the other below-the-belt issue we all noticed.

Bubsing's post has become a hit with creative Reddit users, with over 1600 comments from parents who've been there, or thoughtful adults who want the opportunity to name the original piece of work. One user even noted that this might be useful in the future, with Bubsing replying:

Funny you say that. My wife was saying last night (as she's laughing so hard she's peeing her pants) that this glorious creation is to be saved for the high school graduation poster.

Of course, this isn't the first time a kid's art ended up accidentally inappropriate (or upside down). I'm sure we all remember the little girl who proudly told everyone at school she wanted to be "just like mom" when she grew up... with this picture:

For the record, her mother was not an exotic dancer. She worked at Home Depot during a snowstorm and sold the last shovel.

Get your minds out of the gutter, guys.