This Lamp Might Be The Secret To Getting Your Baby To Sleep

by Jen McGuire

New moms tend to think about one thing more than anything else, if my experience means anything at all; sleep. My children weren't big fans of sleeping, and it was honestly all I ever thought about. When will they start sleeping through the night, can I maybe grab a nap while someone watches the baby, etc. I remember once sobbing uncontrollably when a person was sleeping peacefully in a movie because I was jealous. So for you new moms out there who are thinking about the same thing, I've got good news for you. This lamp might be the secret to getting your baby to sleep "in minutes," and all I can say is hallelujah.

The lamp is called Glow Dreaming, and was designed by a sleep-deprived mom named Cara from Melbourne, Australia who was struggling to come up with a way to help her daughter (and her) get some rest. After trying to do just about everything she could think of, including redecorating her daughter's room and taking her to "Sleep school" (to be clear, her daughter was losing sleep because of a trauma she suffered, which is honestly so much harder), she decided to try to come up with a "master sleep aid." And with the help of some dilligent research and an official sound expert, Cara came up with the Glow Dreaming lamp.

So here is how it works, according to the website; Glow Dreaming's founder looked into different sleep theories and realized that there was no guarantee any of them would work on their own, so she decided a combination of theories might provide a "master sleep aid."

By fusing light therapy, aromatherapy, white noise and a humidifier, I managed to find the answer we were searching for.

Cara enlisted the help of one of the world's leading sound specialists from Brussels, Belgium, Dr Stéphane Pigeon, to create this combination of useful sleep aids. He designed and created the sounds in this special lamp, using "frequencies, a rhythm and timing that induces drowsiness and helps the mind reach the most critical sleep state called Slow Wave Sleep."

The exhausted mom tried this master sleep aid out on her daughter, and it was an instant success.

The effects of these different sleep aids combined to relax and calm my daughter, and whisk her off to sleep. Before long, she was sleeping the night through and was once again the carefree, happy little girl she used to be.

Cara isn't the only mom getting a good night's sleep from the Glow Dreaming lamp (which sells for around $130). The website is chock full of testimonials from grateful parents who are finally getting a good night's sleep, according to Metro:

My 19 month old was waking at least 3 or 4 times a night. We were all exhausted and not coping from lack of sleep. I purchased this amazing product from Glow Dreaming and within a few days our daughter was sleeping through most nights.Now if she wakes she settles back down easily with only a cuddle.This is the best product!
Despite cutting 2 molars, a horrid flu and being on antibiotics, my daughter has now slept through – 630pm to 630/7am for 4 nights in a row!!! It took a little longer with her, but as soon as night 3 or 4 we were already down to 2-3 wake ups a night, and for the last few nights she has slept 12 hours straight through!!!

There you have it, folks. Sleep could be yours in the near future with this lamp. I hope it's okay for adults to buy one for themselves because... yeah, I think I'm going to need one.