Guys, We Have To Talk About This $7,000 Camper Playhouse

Remember those really fun Little Tikes playhouses we had when we were kids? Well, they’re about to get an upgrade. The Lilliput Play Homes Retro Camper is here now, and it costs about as much as a real life camper, so maybe this can be an investment property of sorts for when you retire. Tiny homes are all the rage right now, so maybe you can convince your kid to share and you can move on in for your own HGTV show.

For just a mere $6,899, your kid will be the grooviest kid on the block with their 1960s-style retro camper in their backyard, complete with the retro metallic trim. But to be honest, if I purchased this for my kid, I think I’d keep it in the house to keep it safe from the elements and so nobody stole it for themselves to live in. (The bonus is that the price includes an installation fee.)

I mean, it is a really nice camper playhouse, featuring a customized license plate, a window seat bench, checkerboard flooring, faux lights and tires, a faux luggage rack, and a faux propane tank. There’s even a little awning for your kid to lounge on. If you’re really in the mood to splurge, grab a Garden Wheelbarrow Set complete with wooden plants, flower pots, seeds, a watering can, and a trowel for them to complete their own little outdoor garden to go along with their tiny home living camper playhouse. Teaching them young how to live off the grid and get really farm-to-table up in here.

Truly, a lot of us could all use a little more space from each other these days, whether that means your kid goes out and plays in the camper, or you go live in the camper yourself. I bet you could rig some running water to it. You better get as much use out of this as possible — unless you’re saving it for your retirement, then you might need to keep it pristine.