This 4-Year-Old Hilariously Called Out Someone's Bare Feet On An Airplane — VIDEO

Plane travel is not quite the romantic voyage some of us might have pictured as kids. Reclining in roomy seats with gourmet food served to us by smiling flight attendants as we soar through the clouds to exotic destinations. I know that's what I pictured and I also know that is basically never the reality. The reality is being herded like cattle to your tiny, sweaty seat and having to deal with strangers on a very personal level. Too personal, some might even say. Fortunately there's one little boy out there who is just not having it. In fact, this little boy called out someone's bare feet on a plane and it was just so pure and just so, so hilarious.

Earlier this month Darryl Small from Houston, Texas was taking his 4-year-old son Rodney to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the first time ever. It was obviously pretty exciting, as Small tells Romper, and he didn't want to miss a moment of his son's big journey.

"I started recording to catch his reaction prior to takeoff and caught this reaction instead," Small says.

The reaction he's talking about? A woman put her bare foot on Rodney's seat. And, well, this little guy was not exactly willing to suffer in silence.

As you can see in the video Small shared to his son's Instagram page @justrodneyoneal, the little boy couldn't really focus too much on his first plane ride because he was dealing with some "stinky feet" behind him. Or more accurately, resting on his arm rest.

When Rodney turned to investigate the situation, he made what he clearly believed to be a shocking discovery. "It's a lady!" the young boy declares.

While some of us lesser mortals might have just quietly fumed over the indignity of having some stranger's foot on our arm rest, Rodney is clearly no mere mortal. As his father tries to control his hysterical laughter (perhaps my favorite element of the entire video), Rodney turns around and says to the woman more than once: "Why would somebody have their feet behind me?"

Not surprisingly, that foot disappeared from Rodney's armrest in a hurry. And the internet totally loved it, of course, with Darryl Small's video of Rodney going viral within two days of its original posting, as ABC News reported. As one such admirer wrote on Twitter, with edits to an article's headline: "Hero calls out woman for 'stinky feet' on first ever plane ride. Fixed it."

Darryl Small tells Romper that the woman in question did attempt to make amends for her in-flight faux pas. "The lady quickly moved her foot and apologized to him but as a parent I was not offended at all I found it humorous," he says.

This is the beauty of being 4 years old, am I right? Think about how many times you've been on a plane and some other passenger has displayed some inappropriate behavior and you maybe just say there in silence because confrontation is uncomfortable. Now think about how much better it would have felt to take a page out of Rodney Small's book and just said no thank you for your stinky feet, ma'am. Let's all try to be more like Rodney, shall we?