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This Man Bought $540 Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies For The Sweetest Reason

Do you remember selling Girl Scout cookies? From what I gather it can be a little intense. Especially when the weather is rough and you're standing outside in the cold trying to sell Thin Mints to people in February when they are still stubbornly clinging to their New Year's diet resolutions. Not exactly an easy gig... but fortunately at least one man seems to really understand what these girls are going through. A man bought $540 worth of Girl Scout cookies recently. And while I might have bought them as a stockpile for my nights on the couch watching Netflix, he actually bought them for a much more selfless reason.

Kayla Dillard, the troop's cookie sales manager, was out selling cookies with Girl Scouts Emerson and Maya last Friday. The girls were set up outside of Bilo in Mauldin, near Greenville, South Carolina and it was apparently getting pretty chilly, per Yahoo Lifestyle. As Dillard told CNN, "It was about 34 degrees outside that night and we were there for about two hours already before he came." The "he" she is referring to is a local businessman who happened to come by to buy some cookies. Well, not just some cookies. He decided to buy all the cookies.

The grateful cookie manager explains to Romper via email that at first this anonymous Good Samaritan just bought a few boxes:

We had sold about 100 packs of cookies or so before the stranger walked up. He came out of the store and got 7 packs of cookies, which was $28.

He paid with $40 and told the girls to keep the change, and now let's all take a moment to appreciate just how excited those two girls must have been. What's better than a good tip, I ask you?

After he bought the cookies, he left the girls to their business, but not for long. Apparently he noticed one of the girls shivering and wanted to help out, as per Yahoo Lifestyle. So he bought out their inventory to keep them out of the cold. He never shared his name but it was a moment of kindness Dillard tells Romper the two young girls won't soon forget:

He mentioned that he owned several businesses and we assume that he was going to give the cookies away at his businesses. He appears to be a very humble man, and we sincerely thank him from the bottom of our heart for what he did. Our girls will remember this for the rest of their lives.

I hope these girls remember his generosity and how they felt when a complete stranger did something selfless to make their day better. Not just because they might pay it forward some day, but also because feeling gratitude is a pretty beautiful, pretty powerful thing to understand at such a young age. This is the sort of moment that could stay with a person for years to come.

A man, who wants nothing in return, buying all of your cookies to help you get out of the cold. How precious is that?