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This Mom Asks To Reschedule The Solar Eclipse & The Reactions Are Hilarious

I remember my first solar eclipse; I was in kindergarten in the '70s. All of the blinds in our classroom were taped shut, and my teacher told us if we tried to peak at the sun our eyes would burn inside our scalps. My teacher clearly didn't know how to fully enjoy the beauty and majesty of a solar eclipse. Thankfully times have changed for most of us. Everyone is super pumped about the event this year, except for maybe this mom who wanted to reschedule the solar eclipse because "it's on a school day."

You read that right. A mother who was hoping to attend the solar eclipse viewing party at Dallas, Texas’ Perot Museum of Nature and Science on Monday, Aug. 21 (the big day in your eclipse calendar, folks), was disappointed about the timing. The since-deleted comment on the museum's Facebook page read:

Most kids go back to school that day. Can it be done on a weekend?

There's simply nothing more annoying than some stupid star messing with your kid's regularly-scheduled school day. I mean really, what does the sun even have to do all day? Be exactly the same except when it's busy getting blocked out by the moon. And even that doesn't happen often (the last total solar eclipse was in 1979, so that tells you now that's I'm an old person). The sun could obviously reschedule, it just being a prima donna.

While this woman could still be waiting to find out if the sun would, indeed, reschedule its pesky solar eclipse, the internet was losing its collective mind. One of the first reactions to this mom's (so sorry) perhaps slightly self-involved and unrealistic request was one person who wrote,

Did this lady just ask to reschedule the sun?

Facebook user Phil Landsberg noted:

I'm attending one in NYC, same day and time, and doubt the sun will want to show up for *yours* too. One of us is bound to be disappointed.

Johanna T. Che wrote:

Please reschedule, my period is coming in that day.

(Honestly, this would be a relevant excuse in my opinion.)

While a few people had some cat emergencies that obviously took precedence.

I'd like to reschedule the eclipse, too. My cat is getting married that day. We paid deposits!
Please reschedule. My cat's quinceañera is that day.

As we wait to find out if the solar eclipse will, indeed, be canceled (spoiler alert: it won't) let's all take a moment to appreciate this mom. The one so devoted to her child's education, so audacious and bold, that she was literally prepared to move the sun and moon for her progeny. That's commitment, folks.