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See This Mom Answer "Will You Have More Kids?"

There's a little scenario too many moms are super familiar with; you've just had a baby. You're overwhelmed, tired... happy, of course, but trying to get your feet under you too. You need a minute to figure out your new role and your new life. And then someone comes at you with The Question. "When are you having another baby?" And you think, seriously? Well, this mom has a brilliant answer to that question that will have you cheering if that scenario feels at all familiar to you.

Of course, as Riona O'Connor (also known as The Unnatural Woman) pointed out in her Facebook video, it's not always the same question. O'Connor pointed out that it basically doesn't matter what your situation might be — if you're "a woman of a certain age," people are going to judge you no matter what. In her frankly hilarious Facebook video, O'Connor gave a perfect run down of the sort of questions moms (and non-moms) get on the regular.

No baby... "When are you gonna have a baby?
One baby... "When you gonna have another one?"
Two boys... "Would you not try for a girl?"
Two girls... "Would you not try for a little boy? They're great!"
A boy and a girl and you're pregnant again... "Ooooh... you're having another one?"
You can't win.

O'Connor, an Irish voice actor, mom blogger, and singer, has a few variations of the perfect response for "baby pushing" questions like these. The first one is essentially:

I don't know!

She goes on to admit she was "so not ready," because honestly, is anyone ever really ready? According to O'Connor, she didn't have "all of those things you're supposed to have,"

I didn't have a house. I didn't have lots of savings. I wasn't ready to give up all of my free time!

And now, all of that lovely free time most moms take for granted pre-baby? "Those days are gone."

Hour long phone conversations on the couch with my friends drinking a cup of tea, eating digestive biscuits. I was not ready to have a baby ON ME for a whole year. And by ON ME I don't mean "Oh the cuddles, she's so cute." No No! Think Aliens. Sigourney Weaver.

While O'Connor might not have been ready to welcome a new baby, she says her body certainly seemed to be.

We've all heard of the biological clock, which I'm not even sure exists. If it does, mine was not a clock. Mine was a horn.

As in she was horny. All the time. Her body was ready for a baby, and it seems O'Connor simply had to get on board with the idea.

There came a time when my body knew.

So in response to the question, "When are you going to have another baby?," O'Connor's theory is this: don't think about it too much. She's going to "wait for the boss" to tell her it's time. Meaning, for her personally, her vagina, which she says makes that call.

The next time you get asked that question, perhaps the best thing to do is to take a page out of Riona O'Connor's book. Tell them, "I'm waiting for *this* to decide," while pointing between your legs.

And that should end the conversation.