This Mom's Before & After Photos Of Her Daughter's First Day Of School Are Too Perfect

Ah the first day of school. It's different for everyone. For instance, some parents out there might be celebrating their newfound freedom after a summer of trying to pack memorable moments into every single day. Some kids might even be celebrating because they get to hang out with their friends again after a summer apart. And then there are those who start the day feeling hopeful and excited and end the day... well, somewhat depleted. Please see this mom's before and after photo of her daughter's first day of school as Exhibit A. I suspect this kid really went all in right out of the gate.

Jillian Falconer of East Renfrewshire, Scotland managed to capture the most epic photo ever of her little girl's first day of school. I'll set the scene for you, shall I? Her daughter Lucie went off to class in the morning wearing an adorable school uniform of a skirt, blouse, tie, and cardigan. Her long hair brushed and squeaky clean, even a tiny bow in her hair and a big grin on her face. She looked ready to take on the world, so excited to see what her day would bring. Then her mother shared a side-by-side photo to give an idea of exactly what her day did bring.

In the after school photo, which was shared by Barrhead News on their Facebook page, Lucie's bow is hanging out of her hair that is seriously mussed. Her cardigan is hanging off her shoulders, her clothes are rumpled, her unicorn backpack dangling from her arm. She looks like she's just come through an intense battle. Her unicorn backpack dangling from her arm. But don't worry, Falconer told Romper that her daughter had a perfectly rational explanation for her appearance. Lucie was simply playing with a friend, but the picture was too hilarious to pass up:

Lucie had come home from school and her dad had asked how Lucie's first day back had gone. So I sent him the picture as he was still at work. He thought it was a great picture; we then shared this to social media and with our local paper who then published it online and it has gone crazy since!

Unsurprisingly the photos have gone viral, with plenty of social media users sharing their appreciation of the little girl's perseverance:

That’s what I look like when I get home from school , and I’m the teacher!
And? She still has her bow, i think that's a very productive day 😂😂😂 well done kid, you didn't loose the bow
Fantastic, this picture should be used for shops advertising back to school clothes and how durable they are.

Few images have so perfectly captured the first day of school like these before and after photos. The expectation of a brilliant new day, socks pulled up, shoes shiny, a little bow in the hair. Then the aftermath, such as it is for this little girl.

I wonder what the second day will look like?